Affordable Housing Study Newsletter – May 2014

 Affordable Housing Study Working Group

May Meeting:  May 22, 2014,  6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Arlington Mill Community Center

901 S. Dinwiddie Street, Room 205

The agenda includes updates on research including a housing supply analysis and reports from the subcommittees and task forces. The working group will be discussing how the Affordable Housing Principles inform policy goals and explore what objectives might be considered for each goal area.

Meeting agenda and materials

Affordable Housing Poll Underway

The housing needs survey is well underway, with more than 1,300 responses completed since the telephone poll started last April 22 This survey is designed to collect information on housing needs as well as preferences regarding affordable housing policies.A report of the survey results will be published  in July.

Focus Groups Scheduled for June

A series of interviews and focus groups targeting eight different segments with unique interests in affordable housing  are planned for June 2014.  These focus groups will provide for more detailed conversations with senior citizens, persons with disabilities, homeless, immigrants,  residents of existing affordable housing, employers, developers and non-resident commuters.  The structure and methodology will be tailored for each group. .  Results will be available in August 2014

Continuing Research and Analysis

George Mason University, Arlington’s consultant for the Study, is actively researching many facets of the County’s housing affordability situation.  The team has nearly completed their assessment of County housing programs aimed at different aspects of housing needs.  In addition to the assessment of Arlington programs, a review of programs offered by neighboring jurisdictions (Alexandria, DC, Fairfax, and Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties) will be conducted.  An analysis of the supply of housing in the County is almost complete, and forecasting will begin soon.

Homeownership Task Force Recommendations

At the April meeting the Homeownership Task Force presented their recommendations for a revised homeownership goal:

Foster first-time homebuying and support and sustain howeownership for moderate-income households through education and technical and financial assistance

The recommendation for the goal is accompanied by six objectives that support the draft goal:

1.      Enhance supply of ownership housing

2.      Increase education on homeownership

3.      Prevent foreclosure

4.      Strengthen condominium associations

5.      Support aging in place

6.      Provide access to resources for first-time homebuyers

The Working Group asked for time to respond to the recommendations and provide written comments back to the Task Force.

What’s Next?

  • Late Summer: analysis of research data available Fall 2014:
  • Two Community Forums
    • First Forum: informational reports on research, community input
    • Second Forum: hands-on workshop on goals, objectives and policies
  • Winter 2014-15: Draft Affordable Housing Element document available for review
  • June 2015: present final Affordable Housing Element to County Board for adoption
  • June 2015: Implementation Framework and Monitoring and Evaluation plans available

 Future Working Group Meeting Dates

June 26, Central Library Auditorium

July 24, Central Auditorium Library

August 28, Central Library Auditorium