Affordable Housing Study Working Group – July 2014

Affordable Housing Study Working Group

July 24, 2014 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm          

Central Library Auditorium

George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis will be presenting their assessment of Arlington housing programs and a profile of housing programs around the region. The Working Group will also continue to discuss the draft affordable housing goals, objectives and policies.

Meeting agenda and materials

Save the Dates: September 22 and October 11

A forum to present the findings of the housing needs analysis will be held Monday, September 22 at Washington Lee High School. This will be an opportunity to hear the values and priorities identified by the Working Group, obtain the results of the intensive research efforts carried out by the consulting team and the staff, and provide input to help set priorities for affordable housing in Arlington.

A more in depth workshop will take place Saturday, October 11 at the Fairlington Community Center from 9am to moon. The workshop will provide an opportunity for shaping the affordable housing policy.

Schedule of Upcoming Meetings of the Working Group

August 28 Central Library Auditorium

September 25, TBD

October 23, Central Library Auditorium