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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

February, 2005 - Volume 89, No. 6 ------

ACCF General Meeting Notice

Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 7:30pm

Hazel Conference Center
Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington
1701 North George Mason Drive


Tuesday, February 1, 2005

7:30pm, Call to Order

    1. Pledge of Allegiance (formal start of meeting)

    2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes (Jan. 4, 2005)

    3. Treasurer's Report

    4. Committee Reports

    5. Committee of 100 Presentation

7:50pm Program Begins

    6. ACCF Public Services Program

    7. New Business/Announcements

    8. Adjournment

Message from the President

February Public Services Program

Our February Program will feature presentations from Arlington County Police Chief Doug Scott, Arlington County Fire Chief Jim Schwartz, and Director of the Office of Emergency Management Robert Griffen.

As part of my effort to reach out to neighborhoods, the ACCF Executive Committee is beginning several initiatives to build a stronger Civic Federation communication system. Our goals are to improve our two-way communications with neighborhoods in emergencies. As a start, we would like your help to establish three methods of communications 1) a Civic Federation liaison and telephone tree system, 2) a civic association leaders' Arlington Alert system, and 3) a civic association leaders' telephone message system.

Civic Federation Banquet

Mark your calendars. The Civic Federation's annual Awards Banquet will take place on Friday April 1, 2005 from 6:30 to 10:30 PM at the Army Navy Country Club.

ACCF Community Relations Chair Beth Offenbacker on CH 69 - Arlington Weekly News Television Program

Our Community Relations Chair, Beth Offenbacker, is featured on this weeks Arlington Weekly News, discussing the Federation's upcoming programs for 2005. You can see Beth on Channel 69:

    Saturday January 15 at 10:30am

    Monday January 17 at 8:30pm

    Thursday January 20 at 6pm

They've asked Beth to come back periodically to report on the Federation's activities. If you have items of interest for Beth, please email her at: beth+. Her presentation is on our Web site.

Old Glebe Road Civic Association Resolution

On December 21, 2004 the Executive Committee of the Arlington County Civic Federation established 'ground rules' for debate and consideration of the proposed Old Glebe Civic Association resolution introduced September 7, 2004. An ad hoc committee appointed by the Executive Committee considered the proposed resolution. The report and resolution can be found on the ACCF website at: http://www.civfed.org/resdogre.htm.

Ground rules adopted by the Executive Committee provide for a total of 30 minutes to be divided among the proponents of the resolution (10 minutes), the opponents of the resolution (10 minutes) and a Q&A/comment period of 10 minutes. This will be followed by the normal voting and amendment procedures as governed by Roberts Rules of Order.

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Smalldore (pat) Anne+ Fisher (AnneCFisher+) or Burt Bostwick (burt+).

Connect with Kids
by Mary Ann Moran

The Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families is looking for "Connect with Kids Champions and we need your help! What are Connect with Kids Champions? They are the people in our community who have chosen to make children and teens a priority in their lives. They are those people who make a real effort to connect with children and teens in their everyday lives as friends, neighbors, family members, and volunteers or through their work. A champion could be a parent, a neighbor, a teacher, a businessperson, and a bus driver - anyone who makes an effort to connect with kids. All you have to do to nominate a champion is go to the Partnership website at www.arlingtonpartnershipforyouth.org and click on "How Can I Connect with Kids", then click on "Connect with Kids Champions". That will bring you to the current champions. Hit "click here" to download the nomination form. You can mail the form to:

    Mary Ann Moran
    3033 Wilson Blvd. Suite 600A
    Arlington, VA 22201

    Fax to 703-228-1122

    E-mail the information on the form to mmoran@arlingtonva.us

The Champions are part of the Partnership's Connect with Kids campaign designed to rally the community around a very simple, yet powerful idea: Children and teens need adults in their lives. The evidence is clear: to grow-up, healthy, caring, and resilient, young people need to be connected to a network of caring adults, in addition to their parents. Working together, we can identify and recognize the many community members who do connect with kids and use their expertise to inspire others. Let's refocus our asset building efforts to create a community where every young person is surrounded by a network of supportive, caring adults. For more information, please call Mary Ann Moran at 703-228-1671 or e-mail at mmoran@arlingtonva.us.

ACCF Airport Issues Committee
Letter to Congressman Jim Moran

The Cover Letter from ACCF President Patrick Smaldore

January 11, 2005

The Honorable James Moran
The US House of Representatives
2239 Rayburn Building
Washington DC 20515-4608

Dear Congressman Moran,

Subject: Request for FAA Fast-Track Review of Recommendation #1 of the Final Noise Abatement Recommendation for the Reagan National Airport Noise Compatibility Plan

Now that the report has been completed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG), the Arlington County Civic Federation Airports Noise Committee has reviewed the final recommendations for noise abatement approval by the Part 150 Advisory Committee, and is pleased to support all of the recommendations in the report.

To shorten the time required to implement recommendation #1, the Arlington County Civic Federation asks that you request the FAA to put recommendation #1 of the Noise Compatibility Study under fast-track review. In addition we request your assistance in obtaining FAA funding to support the RNAV committee, and that citizen representatives be able to fully participate in this committee.

Enclosed is a copy of the letter written by the Arlington County Civic Federation's Airport Noise Committee on January 7, 2005. We feel this letter is important, and we ask that you include it in your discussions of these matters. We look forward to your response to our letter.

Please feel free to contact me via telephone at: 703-528-3935, or via email at; pat+.

Thank you.


Patrick A. Smaldore Jr.
President, Arlington County Civic Federation
3859 North Second Street
Arlington, VA 22203-3803

ACCF Committee Chairs

Ad Hoc Airports Committee

By-Laws Committee

Community Relations Committee

Cultural Affairs Committee

Environmental Committee

    Ben Axelroad, Chair - 703-525-3083

Housing Committee

Legislation Committee

Membership Committee

    Frances Finta, Chair - 703-528-2882/fax 703-528-0182

Parks & Recreation Committee

Planning & Zoning Committee

Public Services Committee - Amy Levin, 703-521-4894+ Revenues & Expenditures Committee

Scholarship Committees


      Jim Pebley - 703-525-0766
      Tim Reese 703-533-0091, Co-Chairs


      Frances Finta - 703-528-2882/fax 703-528-0182

Schools Committee

Special Events Committee

    Adam Croswell 703-553-0523
    Frances Finta phone703-528-2882/fax 703-528-0182 Co-Chairs

Transportation Committee


The Arlington County Civic Federation 2004-2005

Executive Committee Officers

    President - Patrick Smaldore - 703-528-3935
    Vice President - Anne Fisher - 703-838-8502
    Treasurer - Frances Finta - 703-528-2882/fax 703-528-0182
    Secretary - Tim Russo - 703-527-3693

Executive Committee Members

Arlington County Civic Federation
C/o Patrick A. Smaldore Jr.
3859 North Second Street
Arlington, VA 22203-3803

This page was last revised on: January 18, 2005.
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