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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.


November, 1999 - Volume 84, No. 3

November Meeting:
Second Tuesday!!

Legislation Package and I-66 Widening

7:30 pm, Tuesday, November 9
John T. Hazel Conference Center
Arlington Hospital
1701 N. George Mason Drive

Our November meeting will be held on the Second Tuesday of the month to avoid Election Day. Our main task will be to adopt our Legislative Package for 1999-2000. We will vote on rules for considering the package, since we have found it works better to consider the draft items the committee approved unanimously as a block, then vote on non-unanimous items, then vote on other proposals as long as they are available in writing in 70 copies no later than 7:15 on meeting night. The draft and one such proposal are included in this newsletter. The second part of the program will be consideration of the resolution prepared by our Transportation Committee on proposals to widen I-66. This issue is heating up and the Federation needs to be on record with a position.

Draft Legislative Package

Introduction: Civic Federation Principles

Because Arlington�s population is changing rapidly, the Civic Federation adopts the fol-lowing principles in order to maintain our quality of life, enhance the desirability of our community as a place to live and work, and meet future human and infrastructure needs:

  • We oppose any efforts to change formulas for state funding that would result in decreases in funding for Arlington County government and public schools
  • We urge the General Assembly to revise the state transportation funding formula to increase funding for growth areas such as Northern Virginia
  • We strongly support increased funding for schools, mass transit, and highways
  • We support provision of retirement packages to Arlington County Employees that are competitive with bordering and/or neighboring jurisdictions.
  • We support adoption of a statewide recycling goal of 40 percent by the year 2005

1. Administration of Government, Generally

A. Public Employee Ethics. Supports legis-lation requiring that state ethics brochures be provided to public officials and employees, who must certify in writing that they have read it before they assume their state or local government positions. (2) Urges a legislative study on replacing the existing Virginia Senate and House Ethics Advisory Panels with a comprehensive state/local ethics commission.

B. Requirement of State-Owned Industrial Facilities to Develop Environmental Man-agement Plans. Supports legislation to develop and implement pollution-prevention plans and to establish a state office to coordinate and provide technical assistance.

C. Initiative and Referendum. Requests the Governor of Virginia to appoint a bipartisan study commission to examine how the adoption of initiative and referendum would mesh with Virginia�s traditions and weigh the assets and liabilities of I & R.

D. Marking of Handicapped Parking. Supports legislation to develop a uniform requirement for the marking of handicapped parking spaces.

2. Authorities

Baseball Stadium Authority. Supports repeal of the Virginia Stadium Authority, Virginia Code section 15.1.227-71.

3. Aviation

National Airport. Strongly opposes any lib-eralization of standards at Ronald Reagan National Airport.

4. Conservation (environment)

Importation of Trash. Strongly urges Gov-ernor Gilmore, our congressional delegation, and the General Assembly to continue to pursue all available avenues to prevent additional importation of trash into Virginia.

5. Counties, Cities, and Towns

A. Office of Inspector General. Supports legislation authorizing the establishment of an independent Office of Inspector General for the County to audit and review County performance in contracting, construction of facilities, purchasing, and sale of land or other resources to assure appropriateness of expendi-tures.

6. Crimes and Offenses Generally

  • A. Sodomy Laws. Supports prohibition of prosecution under the sodomy law except in conjunction with another charge.
  • B. Sexual Orientation. Supports the addition of sexual orientation to the coverage of anti-discrimination and Hate Crimes laws.
  • C. Aggressive Panhandling. Requests the legislature to authorize the Arlington County Board to adopt an ordinance to make it unlawful for any person to panhandle in an aggressive manner, to panhandle within fifteen feet of an automatic teller machine, or to panhandle from any operator of a motor vehicle while standing in a roadway median or on a travel lane.
  • D. Handicapped Parking. Supports legislation to raise the reduced mail-in fine for parking in a handicapped space from approximately $100.00 to $300.00 (the current fine is $500 should you go to court).
  • E. Volunteer Enforcement of Handicapped Parking. Supports the enactment of legislation to allow Arlington (like selected other jurisdictions) to train and deploy volunteers to enforce handicapped parking violations.

7. Criminal Procedure

21-Day Rule. Supports modification of the 21-Day Rule (Rule 1.1 of the Virginia Supreme Court) to permit courts to c onsider potentially exculpatory evidence which is submitted beyond the 21-day period currently allowed in capital cases.

8. Dangerous Weapons

    A. ?

    B. Gun Control. Strongly supports legislation requiring mandatory instant background checks on purchasers of all firearms at all gun shows and allowing up to seventy-two hours to complete the check if the instant check is inconclusive.

9. Energy Conservation and Resources

Recycling. Urges the General Assembly to increase recyclycables to include such items as batteries, tires, styrofoam, metal, solvents, and building and paving materials.

10. Education

Public School Opening. Supports enabling legislation to allow the Arlington School Board to determine its public school calendar. Currently in Virginia, by state law, the school year cannot begin before Labor Day. This denies school boards the flexibility that may be needed when establishing the school calendar.

11. Housing

Supports restoration of General Assembly funding for the Virginia Housing Partnership Fund to the level of $8 million per annum.

12. Insurance

    A. Insurance Rates. Supports a law to prohibit insurance companies from raising rates when the insured motorists in accidents are found to be not �at fault.�

    B. Third-Party Notification. Supports man-datory third-party notification so that inca-pacitated persons would not lose insurance coverage automatically if they should inad-vertently miss a payment.

13. Partnerships

Limited Partners - Access to Information. Supports legislation that would permit citizen access to names and addresses of limited partners and their financial investments or other contributions in limited partnerships, which conduct business with state or local governments of at least $10,000 annually.

14. Property and Conveyances

Retention of Local Zoning Authority. Supports legislation to prohibit Commonwealth agencies from overriding local jurisdictional use plans and zoning decisions and ordinances.

15. Public Health

AIDS Policy. Specifically requests that the legislature require the following:

    1. Premarital testing for HIV and reporting of results to both prospective spouses

    2. Testing of all pregnant women and reporting of results to both prospective spouses, followed by treatment of infected mothers to prevent transmission to the fetus

    3. Testing of newborns and reporting of results to both parents, followed by treatment of infected infants.

16. State Corporation Commission

State Corporation Commission. Supports increasing the SCC�s membership from three to five and encourages General Assembly members to ensure that confirmation of can-didates includes full disclosure review of their qualifications and records with regard to con-sumer issues.

17. Taxation

    A. Consumer Use Tax. Supports repeal of the Consumer Use Tax.

    B. Economic (Fair-Market) Rent. Recom-mends establishment of statewide, economic (fair-market) rent, not contract rent, as the basis for assessments of commercial property.

    C. Cigarette Tax. Supports authorizing Ar-lington County to increase the cigarette tax in a manner similar to that of cities.

    D. Local Income Tax. Opposes legislation that would allow a local income tax.

18. Transportation and Highway Safety

    A. Bicycle Safety. Supports requiring the Virginia Department of Transportation to establish sufficient right-of-way for bicycles during planning and construction of state roadways and greater accommodation for bi-cycles on state roadways.

    B. Truck Safety. Supports measures to increase the number of officers and to strengthen penalties for violators in order to improve safety of truck operations on Virginia highways. Demands stronger enforcement of speed limits, and urges tougher requirements for commercial drivers� licenses.


9. United States Government

Professional Sports Facilities. Supports re-introduction and passage of Sen. Moynihan�s proposed Senate Bill 224 (�The Stop tax Ex-empt Arena Debt Issuance Act�) to end Federal tax subsidy for professional sports facilities.

20. Waste Disposal

Illegal Dumping and Littering of Waste. Supports legislation to allow raising of fines for illegal dumping and to enforce illegal dumping and littering laws and stricter enforcement of environmental laws.

21. Water and Sewer Systems

    A. Water Quality Measurements. Supports the development and standardization of methods for the measurement of contaminants in storm waters and waters that feed the Chesapeake Bay.

    B. Water quality Improvement. Supports stabilization of the Virginia Water Quality Improvement Fund Act to permit qualifying localities to receive up to 50 percent of the local costs to design, test, and install biological nutrient removal technologies at waste water treatment facilities.

    C. Nutrient Reduction. Encourages the Commonwealth to consider methods in addition to point source control to achieve identified nutrient reduction goals.


The resolutions that follow received majority, but not unanimous, support.

Arlington County

Sale and Use of Fireworks. Supports pro-hibition of the sale of fireworks in Arlington County and their use unless the user is in possession of a valid permit issued by the fire department.

Crimes and Offenses Generally

Persons convicted of Child Molestation (Second Conviction). Supports requiring a mandatory sentence of life without parole for any person convicted for the second time of a crime involving carnal knowledge of a minor.

Persons Convicted of Rape (Second Conviction). Supports requiring a mandatory sentence of life without parole for any person convicted of rape for the second time.

Red Light Cameras. Supports requiring the owner of a vehicle captured on film running a red light to be responsible for payment of the fine whether the owner or another person was driving. A defense for this crime could be pro-viding a valid name and address of the offender.

Historic Preservation

Arlington House. Urges the County Board to adopt a position favoring funding for repair work and maintenance at Arlington House, which is rapidly deteriorating.

Transportation and Highway Safety

Route 66. Opposes widening Route 66 inside the capital beltway.

Water and Sewer Systems

Integrity of Public Water System. Supports a study of the integrity of the state�s public water supply system to identify problems and ascertain whether penalties for lack of compliance are needed.


1. The County Board should be given three years to phase in such changes.

2. There are many safety and environmental concerns at National:

  • National Airport should be designated a short-range airport, and its current perimeter should remain at 1,250 miles.
  • A single master plan should be developed to coordinate ef-ficient development and usage of MWAA airports according to the characteristics of each site, as required by existing legislation
  • MWAA should permit no 2-aisle wide-body jet operations
  • No loopholes should be allowed in the mandate that no more than 37 operations shall occur during any 60-minute period (the sum of takeoffs and landings; multiple sections of one flight shall not be counted as one operation only).
  • MWAA should permit no commercial flight operations between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • MWAA should develop immediately a plan for preventing the flow of highly poisonous de-icing solutions from flowing into the Potomac River
  • Detailed measurements should be made of all airport-polluting substances that result from all land and air vehicles.
  • Congress should ensure that there are no international flights at this airport.

3. We encourage DEO to use appropriated funds to enforce environmental laws, including solid waste management, as intended by the legislature in 1998.

4. The Inspector General shall operate independently but shall provide periodic reports to the County Board and the courts as may be required.

5. Volunteers could be able to enforce handicapped parking restrictions on private property where police and meter maids are not allowed to enter.

6. Allowing school to begin prior to Labor Day should have no fiscal impact in Northern Virginia. Reason given for school not beginning before Labor Day is to allow employers a sufficient pool of summer laborers.

7. Citizens must present bona fide public interest reason for this information, and the partnership or its agent must provide this information within ten business days at a reasonable cost to the re-quester.

8. The State Corporation Commission regulates state corporations in the same way that the Securities and Exchange Commission regulates at the Federal level. The SCC has often been perceived as not sufficiently protective of consumer interests. The Federation believes a body as powerful as the SCC should have broader, more diverse representation than its present membership permits.

9. Although the Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that contract rent may be used, the Federation has opposed its use because it usually lowers commercial assessments shifting more of the real estate tax burden to homeowners.

Additional Proposal Received

Gay Marriage. Supports allowing gays and lesbians to marry in civil ceremonies and re-quires the same rights, privileges, and re-sponsibilities, be afforded married gays and lesbians as is afforded other married persons.

Draft Resolution on Widening I-66

The ACCF Transportation Committee met and prepared the following draft resolution for the Federation�s consideration at our November 9th meeting. As you will note, the Federation would not be taking a negative position on widening the road at this time, due in part to the lack of information on either the methods or effects of what is being proposed. This resolution would put the Federation on record conerning the process issues that have already surfaced.

Draft ACCF Resolution

Whereas Congressman Wolf and Governor Gilmore have proposed the widening of I-66 through Arlington and have promoted legis-lation in Congress to abrogate the Coleman Agreement protecting Arlington�s interests in minimizing the impact of the highway through our neighborhoods; and

Whereas the Civic Federation�s Transportation Committee has begun research on the proposed project but has found that very little information is currently available to permit conclusions on the impact of the widening; and

Whereas the process to date has been con-ducted without public knowledge until actions have been completed and with no input from Arlington�s citizens or their local government officials, and decisions have already been made that affect our interests without our knowledge or involvement; and

Whereas these decisions have been taken at the State and Federal levels without benefit of an environmental impact analysis or any consultation with Arlington officials or citizens,

Now therefore be it Resolved that:

The Federation believes that government de-cisions should be openly arrived at through a public process, and respectfully requests that the I-66 proposals first be evaluated as part of a comprehensive regional plan that:

  • is created with local input

  • respects the interests of commuters and residents

  • evaluates the total mix of transportation solutions for all of Northern Virginia

  • begins with analysis of methods to increase the efficiency of the existing paved lanes

  • preserves quality of life and community integrity

  • is based on a full environmental impact assessment

  • protects the environment and uses the latest technology to reduce the impact of noise and air pollution in our neighborhoods

  • does not destroy homes to clear space andis the most efficient use of limited taxpayer re-sources.

We further deplore the unilateral abrogation of the Coleman Agreement by one of its parties with no prior notification or consideration of the views of the other party, Arlington. Whether or not the community eventually approves of a modification of this highway, the manner in which this action has been taken has shaken our faith in long range planning efforts involving the U.S. Government.

Bluemont Civic Association Calls for I-66 Coalition

Bluemont (formerly Stonewall Jackson, the neighborhood on both sides of I-66 west of George Mason Drive) has issued a call for civic associations to join in an Arlington citizens� coalition to coordinate a common response to the proposals to widen I-66. Some of Bluemont�s most concerned citizens are active members of the Federation�s Transportation Committee, but believe that they need an effort exclusively dedicated to the action that will be necessary in coming months on the I-66 issue. The group will hold an organizational meeting on November 18th. For further information please call Carl Hallinan at 703-812-4794 or Adrienne Pilot at 703-351-9464.

Police Offer Bike Registration

The Arlington County Police Department is offering to come out to any neighborhood association meeting to register bicycles. They typically arrive an hour prior to the meeting, register the bikes outdoors, and finish regis-tering bikes when the meeting begins. They can also be there for neighborhood picnics or other events, and find that registering bikes works much better at daytime events than after dark. If you would like to arrange bicycle registration for your event, please contact Aux. Officer Heather Hurlock at (703) 228-4051 to set up a time and date.

Coming Up

  • November 2 - Election Day

  • November 9 - ACCF Meeting:
    • Legislation Package for 2000

    • Route 66 Widening Proposals

  • November 18 - First organizational meeting of a coalition to respond to I-66 change proposals. See the article on this page for info.

You Can Receive Your Newsletter by Email!

The ACCF Executive Committee has approved the use of email delivery of this newsletter. You can get your newsletter a day earlier and save the Federation 40 cents by sending your email address to Frances Finta at ffinta@aol.com. The newsletter will be in the form of a text message, not as an attachment, so some formatting will be plainer than it is on paper. You will not receive a paper copy. You can change back to paper at any time if the email version does not work out for you. Save a tree today and send Frances your email address. This issue of the newsletter was emailed to some Federation dele-gates. It is also posted on the Federation�s new page on the Barcroft Web site at www.BSCL.org/bardocs/accf.htm

(We are capitalizing the BSCL now because the lower case version--bscl--can be mistaken for bsc1, or even bsci. The initials stand for Barcroft School and Civic League, where we are posting ACCF materials pending establishment of a dedicated Federation Web site.) Proposals to Widen I-66

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