NOTE: Snow Removal has been addressed by Civic Federation members in 2007 – see Updated Resolution Regarding Arlington County’s Snow and Ice Policy.

Draft Resolutions

Withdrawn Resolutions

  • 2015
    • Schools Resolution Against the Historical Designation of Stratford School—Tabled at 5 Dec 2015 meeting; subsequently withdrawn by the Schools Committee 14 Dec 2015. [PDF, 112 KiB].

Adopted Resolutions

  • 2016
    • Resolution Regarding Annual Budget Closeouts [May 2016]. [PDF, 116 KiB]
    • Resolution Regarding FY2017 Real Estate Tax Rate [Apr 2016].
      [PDF, 141 KiB]
    • Resolution to Increase Parkland Acquisition to a Minimum of 3 Acres per Year [Febr 2016]. [PDF, 109 KiB]


Positions Adopted on County Budgets

Positions Adopted in The Federation’s Annual Legislative Packages