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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

For Candidates and Campaign Managers:

Update on Civic Federation
Candidates Night Schedule

Sunday, September 2nd, 2001

From: ACCF President Jim Pebley

For: Candidates and Campaign Managers

As promised, I have finalized the schedule for the Civic Federation's Candidates Night, planned to be held on September 4th, Tuesday evening at the Conference Center at Virginia Hospital Center - Arlington.

Based on the late qualification of Christine Austen (Libertarian Party), there well be an additional candidate in the 47th Delegate District panel (3 total). I understand that there was a Green Party candidate trying to enter that race, but the Registrar of Voters advised me that there were insufficient signatures on the petitions for qualification. The matter has gone to Richmond for adjudication and will not be completed in time for us to include that individual.

There is a candidate, Michael Clancy, who qualified for the County Board race. Therefore, that race has been moved from the front end of the program (uncontested candidates) to the last panel (contested), following the 49th district panel.

Marian Van Landingham accepted our invitation to participate. I'm unsure why the Journal reported that she would not join us. I left a message with her campaign manager and to-date am still uncertain of her status. Ergo -- she's in the program until she or her campaign manager tells me on an official basis otherwise.

With the changes in the schedule, we plan on allowing 4 questions per contested-race panel.

Here's the schedule as I have it now. The times are "earliest start" times. They could run later, but our estimates last year were pretty good. The Post, Journal (reporter and editorial writer), a Hispanic print media reporter and Sun (editorial writer and maybe a reporter) media representatives have indicated that they will be there. I am setting up badges for media to use if they prefer. Channel 33 has indicated that they will also be in attendance with 3 personnel and 2 cameras. This will NOT be telecast live. They have to take the tape back to Ch. 33 and edit it for rebroadcast. As soon as the dates are available, I'll send them to this email list. We are working on local TV news reporters. More on that if they decide to come.

If you wish to speak to the reporters, please do so outside the meeting room. Generally -- they stay to listen to the follow-on panels and are available after the whole session on the floor of the auditorium. Please remind your supporters -- no demonstrations during the panels (see the rules).

If you have questions -- call me. 703-525-0766

Here's the new schedule (note -- this includes time for question drawings, logistics, etc.)

    7:00 pm Call to Order
    7:01 Administrative remarks
    7:13 Address by the Registrar of Voters
    7:20 Announcement of September Civic Hero
    7:24 Candidate for School Board (3 minutes)
    Candidate for 45th Delegate District (3 minutes)
    7:32 Candidates for 47th Delegate District
    8:03 Candidates for 48th Delegate District 8:27 Candidates for 49th Delegate District
    9:00 Candidates for County Board
    9:23 Announcements
    9:25 Adjourn

Remember -- There are no stand-in's allowed. If we hit a time mark early and the candidates aren't ready -- I will fill. If candidates aren't ready at the time listed above or later -- the show still goes on!

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