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Arlington County Civic Federation

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Arlington County CEMP
Emergency Preparedness Terms

Prepared for Arlington Civic Federation Delegates College 3/24/2002. Source: CEMP

Emergency Call Procedure - The procedure whereby the Emergency Communications Center, upon the instruction of the Director of Emergency Services or Emergency management Team, immediately alerts County departments and agencies that the disaster plan is in effect.

Emergency Management Team (EMT) - Core group of senior managers who advise the County Manager in pre-disaster planning, disaster management, and recovery. They are an independent subcommittee of the County Manager's Executive Group. Responsible for policy and oversight of the County's Emergency Field Operations and Emergency Task Groups.

Emergency Planning Team (EPT) - On going group consists of predetermined senior staff from departments and agencies. Responsible for ensuring the CEMP is kept current and for planning training for the EMT and the Task Groups. During an emergency, responsible for anticipating issues 12-36 hours in advance, monitoring Task Groups, advising the EMT.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) - Physical location where EMT meets: established on recommendation of EMT to County Manger.

Emergency Services - The preparation for and the carrying out of functions, other than those for which the military forces are primarily responsible, to prevent, minimize and repair injury and damage resulting from disasters. Functions include: fire fighting, police services, medical and health services, rescue, engineering, warning services, communications, radiological, chemical and other special weapons defense, evacuation of persons from stricken areas, emergency welfare services, emergency transportation, emergency resource management, plant protections, temporary restoration of public utility services, other functions related to civilian protection.

Emergency Services Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator - Fire Chief and Deputy to Fire Chief - coordinates Emergency Services, Deputy is staff coordinator for EMT and EPT, responsible for coordinating the development of the CEMP. Also coordinates manufacturing plants, fuel storage facilities, major institutions, waste disposal facilities and other facilities to ensure compatibility of emergency plans and procedures.

Emergency Task Groups (ETG) - Coordinate regularly with the EPT. During disasters, responsible for carrying out assignments, within their area of expertise, as delegated by the EMT or the EPT.

Incident Commander - The designated public safety official of the agency responsible for overall command at the disaster scene and the leader of field operations. Responsible agency depends on the nature of the disaster and the expertise required.

State of Emergency (for Commonwealth of VA or any part) - The condition declared by the Governor when, in the Governor's judgment, the threat or actual occurrence of a disaster in any part of the Commonwealth is sufficient to warrant disaster assistance by the Commonwealth to supplement local resources.

Acronyms used include:

    CEMP - Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

    COG - Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments

    ECC - Emergency Communications Center

    EMT - Emergency Management Team

    EPT - Emergency Planning Team

    EOC - Emergency Operations Center

    ETG - Emergency Task Groups

    FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency

    NWS - National Weather Service

    VDEM- Virginia Department of Emergency Management

    VDOT- Virginia Department of Transportation

Arlington Departments/Agencies (selected)

    CPHD - Community Planning, Housing and Development, Susan Bell, Director

    FD - Fire Department, Edward Plaugher, Chief

    PD - Police Department, Edward A. Flynn, Chief

    DPW - Public Works, R.S. Kem, Director

    HR - Human Resources, Jill F. Neuville, Acting Director

    DMF - Department of Management and Finance, Barbara Donnellan, Director

    PRCR - Parks, Recreation and Community Resources, Toni Hubbard, Director

    OSS - Office of Support Services, Hank Leavitt, Director

    DES - Environmental Services, Bob Mace, Acting Director

    DTS - Technology Services, Jack Belcher, Director/Chief Information Officer; Christopher T. David, , Chief Technology Officer

    APS - Arlington Public Schools, Dr. Robert Smith, Superintendent

This page was last revised on: December 28, 2003.
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