Executive Committee Meeting Notice


To:                         ACCF Executive Committee, ACCF Committee Chairs and Representatives           

From:                    Burt Bostwick, Executive Committee Chairman

Subject:                 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

Date:                     Monday, February 14, 2005 7:00 – 8:30 PM

                              Location: Hospice of Northern Virginia

                                                 Buchanan Street off N. 16th




1.                Call to Order (Burt)

2.                Welcome and Introductions (Visitors, Committee Chairs & ACCF Representatives Invited!):

-Jim Meditz, NVMS Mediation Services (15minutes)


3.                Secretary’s Report   (Tim)

4.                Treasurer's Report   (Frances)

5.                President's Report   (Patrick)

6.                Executive Committee Agenda (Everyone)

a.      March Transportation Program (D)

b.      Newsletter for March (D)

c.      ACCF Badges & Pins (D)

d.      Walk Arlington Challenge (D)

e.      Notes from meeting with CB Chair (I)

f.       County Fair Booth (I)

g.      Meeting with Congressman Moran (I)

h.      Journal Cup changing to Sun Gazette Cup (I)

i.       ACCF Program Planning (D)

March 1 – General Meeting Agenda

April 1 – ACCF Banquet – Ron Carlee Speaker


April 5 – R&E County Budget Program

May 3 – State Legislature Program – VA Delegates

June 7 – Committee Reports/Elections – Commissioner/Treasurer Program


  1.  Committee Reports & Introductions (TBD)

-Lot Coverage Discussion/Debate


  1. Old Business 8:30-8:9:00

 9.     New Business 8:45 – closing

¨      Other

¨       Adjournment


"I" = for information purposes only

 "D" = requires discussion and/or decision.