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Arlington County Civic Federation

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Arlington County Civic Federation
Resolution on Affordable Housing Issues

December 5, 2000

WHEREAS, in February, 1999, the Arlington County Board established an Affordable Housing Task Force ( AHTF ), charging it to "examine current housing programs, initiatives, and activities to determine and recommend for County Board Action improvements, enhancements, and revisions to make more effective the County s efforts to increase opportunities for housing that is safe, decent, suitable, and affordable generally for renters and first-time home buyers, particularly those of low and moderate income households";

And WHEREAS, the AHTF issued its report on January 21, 2000;

And WHEREAS, in response to the AHTF Report, the Arlington County Manager has issued a report to the County Board dated November 2, 2000, which differs from the AHTF Report in certain substantial respects;

And WHEREAS, the Arlington County Civic Federation ( ACCF ) Housing Committee has reviewed both the AHTF and County Manager s Reports, and has prepared the following resolutions;

NOW, THEREFORE, the ACCF hereby resolves:

    1) To compliment the Arlington County Board for its appointment of the AHTF, and the members of the AHTF for their work in attempting to fulfill the County Board s charge.

    2) To further compliment the County Board for its enactment of modifications to the County s Moderate Income Purchase Assistance Program ( MIPAP ) and the Housing Grants Program, which modifications in large part followed the recommendations of the AHTF.

    3) To give its strong support to the AHTF s adopted: principle #3 - targeting most housing assistance to the lowest-income households low income households with children and low income households with members who are elderly or have disabilities; goal #4 focus most resources on those with the greatest need; goal #7 distribute affordable housing within projects, within neighborhoods, and throughout the County; and goal #10 increase the County s home ownership rate to above 50%.

    4) To give its strong support to the AHTF s recommendations on code enforcement (#3 through #7, page 15 of AHTF report), and to urge the County Board to go beyond the recommendations of the County Manager in increasing the County s code enforcement efforts, particularly in the areas of premises upkeep and occupancy.

    5) To oppose the County Manager s proposed new two-tiered affordable housing goal of assisting an additional 450 households per year for the ten-year period 2001-2010 (recommendation #2, pg. 1, 11/2/00 County Manager s Report). The implementation of this additional 450 household per year goal could easily be inconsistent with the AHTF s principle of giving priority to the lowest-income households, and, if achieved, would result in 1 out of 9 Arlington households being subsidized by the year 2010.

    6) To recommend that the County Board defer any additional action on affordable housing until the initial annual assessment of housing needs (AHTF recommendation #22, page 19; County Manager s Report #5) is completed, so that future action may be based on more complete and up-to-date information than is presently available, including but not limited to the effects of the revised Housing Grants Program.

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