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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

Minutes of the meeting of January 4, 2005

John T. Hazel Auditorium, Arlington Hospital

President Smaldore called the meeting to order at 7:34 pm.

1. Pledge of Allegiance. The formal meeting began with recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Denise Shovett.

2. Approval of Agenda. The agenda was approved.

3. Treasurer's Report. Balances: Checking $1,149.11, Savings $3,375.92, Combined $4,525.03, Reserved for 9-11 Scholarship Fund $864.97, Net Available $3,660.06, Separate US Postal Bulk Mail Account $237.73. Dues have been paid by 69 out of 85 member organizations.

4. Arlingwood Civic Association requested to join the Civic Federation. Unanimously passed. This increases the total number of members to 86.

5. 7:41 Laura DeLay of the Virginia Conservation Network addressed the federation. She highlighted their top three priorities for the coming year: Supporting the Clean Smokestack Bill in the legislature, Cleaning up the Cheasapeake Bay, and supporting VDOT reform. By "VDOT reform" she meant advocating a more anti-road-building agenda and a more "fix it first" policy.

6. Committee Reports:

  • Housing - Kathryn Scruggs. They are looking for new members. Contact Joe Wholley at Joe+ or Kathryn at KMScruggs@Comcast.net.

  • Planning and Zoning - Bill Gearhart. Their biggest issue is lot coverage for fill-in housing. There will be a meeting on Sunday (January 9th) at 8 p.m. Contact Bill at Bill+.

  • Revenues and Expenditures - Randy Swart. they will hold an organizational meeting on Sunday, February 13th. They are looking for members.

  • Public Services - Anne Fisher. They will meet on January 13th at Amy Levin's house in Aurora Highlands.

  • Environmental - Ben Axelroad. They will host a meeting at the Tower Villas, 3800 Fairfax Dr. Contact Ben at Ben+ for more information.

  • Legislative - Nancy Graham. They have received some responses from legislators already.

  • Executive Committee - Burt Bostwick. Will meet at the Hospice at 7:30 on the third Tuesday of each month (the next is January 18th). All are welcome.

  • Transportation - Jerry Auten. Will attend the I-66 widening forum to be held by the Arlington Coalition for Sensible Transportation. Their report is to be presented at their February meeting and to the Civic Federation at the March meeting.

  • Awards - Members of the Awards committee were nominated and elected. The five members will be: Frances Finta, Randy Swart, Jim Pebley, Max Scruggs, and Peter Owen.

7. 7:55 Arlingtonians for a Cleaner Environment (ACE)gave a Community Habitat Presentation. Elanor Hodges, their president, started followed by a lively presentation by Jeanine Phenom. They are holding a contest to see which Civic Association is the most wildlife-friendly in Arlington. They asked the federation to partner with them in this effort.

8. 8:15 The Arlington County Board gave their annual presentation of their aspirations for the year ahead. Chair Jay Fisette started by outlining 4 key challenges:

  • Continuing Smart Growth

    • Building the Conference Center

    • Creating a master plan for Courthouse Plaza

    • Creating a Central Place in Rosslyn by getting rid of the Orleans Steakhouse and McDonalds.

  • Remaining inclusive through creating more affordable housing and getting small businesses to promote a live near your work program.

  • Promote health. Arlington will focus on increasing personal responsibility for health through things such as walking and bicycling more.

  • Ensure Value - Keeping the quality high.

9. Other board members (Chris Zimmerman, Walter Tejada, Paul Ferguson, and Barbara Favola) added their perspectives on supporting the chair's agenda and added a few personal goals of their own. The board then took ten questions from federation delegates.

10. 9:53 Unfinished Business

  • The Old Glebe Civic Association resolution is to be voted on at the February 1st meeting of the Civic Federation. (Burt Bostwick)
  • The letter sent to the County Board encouraging public comment prior to enacting changes to meeting procedures was sent and received a polite reply that did not indicate that any action would be taken. (John Antonelli)
  • There was a proposal to send a resolution opposing the County Board meeting procedure changes. The resolution was referred to the executive committee for further action.

11. 10:10 Meeting Adjourned.

Recorded by Tim Russo, Secretary

This page was last revised on: January 9, 2005.
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