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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

Arlington County Civic Federation

Executive Committee Minutes
for July 2, 2002

As adopted 8/01/02

The meeting was convened at approximately 7 p.m. Members present were Dan Krasnegor, Frances Finta, Bob Atkins, Nancy Graham, Mike Lane, Kim Smith, Patrick Smaldore, Randy Swart and delegate Herschel Kanter. Tim Wise was excused since he was attending a Tax Referendum meeting.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: In Tim's absence, the minutes were not read.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Frances delivered the Treasurer's Report: $5,642.19 less $1,693.00 in 911 Scholarship Fund hat money raised by Clarendon Dogs.

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Dan discussed the basic format of general membership meetings. He asked the group's opinion vis a vis the pro and con format used at the last meeting (during public discussion of issues). The group felt this was a good approach so long as all delegates could ask their questions (within the allotted timeframe).

Dan reiterated that non-delegates could ask questions once all delegates and alternates had fully participated.

The issue of resolutions was considered. While Dan will attempt to attend every County Board meeting for purposes of presenting Resolutions adopted by the Civic Federation, this will not always be possible. Consequently, it was decided that he would have back-up. The first alternate would be the Committee chair responsible for the resolution. Others who agreed to help were Pat Smaldore, Randy Swart, Nancy Graham, and Kim Smith.

Press - Dan reported that he had received requests for a number of interviews�Post, Journal, Sun Gazette. He has also met with Libby Garvey and Chris Zimmerman.

Audit Committee: Consists of Bob Atkins and Bill Munson.


SIGN-UP SHEETS for Committees will be available at all events - the Bon Air meeting, County Fair, and the September meeting. Dan confirmed that non-delegates/alternates who belong to member organizations can serve on any Committee but cannot chair a committee.

AUGUST: Bon Air Meet and Greet - Thoughts for Food. Dan has reserved the shelter at Bon Air Park and will be responsible for getting food for the event. He will be sending out letters of introduction and invitations to presidents, delegates and alternates for this brainstorming/social event. Follow-up phone calls are strongly encouraged. Thoughts for Food will be from 10 to 12:30 p.m. with food after the brainstorming. The shelter seats 150 in the event of inclement weather. Committee Chairs can give a presentation followed by ideas for future action. Dan was authorized to spend $100 to reserve the space and an additional $100 for food.

County Fair - Patrick is handling the sign-ups for the August 15 - 18 Fair. Randy Swart and Jim Pebley will assist in set-up. Jim will also assist in close-down. Patrick will recruit delegates to staff the booth as well.

SEPTEMBER - Candidates Night

Letters of invitation should go out immediately if not sooner. Rules were discussed, and it was felt that the basic rules that have guided us in the past are acceptable.

Since it is doubtful that Senator Warner would attend, a discussion occurred on whether we should invite other Senate candidates. The group decided to exclude the Senate Office from the list of candidates. The School Board and County Board contenders are all certified. Therefore, their invitations can go out now. The order of presentation will be Congress, County Board, School Board.

Format - Mike Lane felt we needed longer panels and more time to ask questions. He also felt that non-major parties, those not likely to get at least 15% of the vote, should not be invited because they unnecessarily take up time (given the expected outcomes). He provided the group with supporting documentation from major national organizations (who do set criteria for inclusion in debates). The group was not yet ready to embrace this idea but will revisit it.

It was decided that the format would be as follows (in the order referred to above):

    Opening Statements - 4 minutes (less if unopposed)

    Closing Statements - 1.50 minutes

    40-45 minutes per race

    In the event of additional candidates for a seat (beyond the usual two), an extra 10 minutes will be allotted to each panel for each additional candidate, not to exceed one hour (inclusive of question/answer period).

OCTOBER - Bond/Tax Referendums, etc.

The issues on the ballot will include the Bonds, Transportation Referendum, State Conservation, Land Conservation. Obviously, these issues cut across committees. Committees identified for inclusion in the process are: Schools, Parks, Transportation, Revenues and Expenditures, Public Services, Environment, and Cultural Affairs. Bob Atkins will coordinate the process. As soon as the appropriate documents are available, he will arrange a joint meeting between R & E and Transportation.

NOVEMBER - Legislative Report

The Chairmanship for this committee was discussed. It was tentatively decided that Mike Lane could co-chair with Nancy Graham. It was stressed that this group needs to be one that achieves consensus and gives a strong message of bi-partisanship. The group currently meets at St. George's Church, with two meetings in August, 1 in September, and the package ready to go into the October newsletter with a vote in November. Nancy Hunt was also strongly recommended for this committee.

DECEMBER - School Board

Invitations should go out in September. Last year, the Schools Committee provided a list of issues for focus. Dan would like to open the process for submission of questions to all delegates and alternates.


HPOK and the fact that Leeway is still advertising its boundaries to include the other Civic Association. The overall issue of behaviors (bad and good) of civic associations should be handled by the "Best Practices Task Force". Dan will let Chris Zimmerman know that this is still occurring, with cc: to Toni Copeland.

SCHOLARSHIP Committee - The Executive Committee voted to continue the Scholarship Committee as an Ad Hoc Committee. It will be called Scholarship and Recognition. Jim Pebley, Tim Reese, Kim Smith, and Judy Green will continue to serve, plus John Shooshan as Honorary Delegate. The Price Is Right netted the fund another $25,000 (donated by the Arlington contestants), leaving a balance of around $130,000. The Committee will be selling baseball hats (ACFD, ACPD, Sheriff) at the Fair and other events. It is also planning an event(s) for the September 11th anniversary and will be investigating inclusion in United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign.

COUNTY FAIR - We've paid $235.00 for the booth space. There are still openings. Patrick will cover the slots. Set up is Wednesday from 5 - 9, with all set-up to be accomplished no later than 5:30 p.m. on Thursday. The actual locations for the booths have not yet been assigned. Dan will be attending the Fair Board meeting at Lubber Run on Tuesday, July 9th at 7 p.m. Patrick invited the Public Services Committee to staff part of this and distribute Emergency Preparedness materials. We've also paid for electricity. The group requested TWO CHAIRS! Jim suggested that Dan ask associations for brochures or other flyers.

BUCKINGHAM - Emmanuel couldn't get out of work. A representative of Gates of Arlington is opposed to them forming a civic association. Appears to be some competition. Jim will be getting the groups together.

OUTREACH GROUP - Patrick and Dan will be heading up this venture.

OUTSIDE REPRESENTATION - According to Jeanne Logtens, the Civic Federation is represented on the following groups:

    EMS - Jean Mostrom, term expires June 2005

    LEPC - Richard Lazarus, term expires March 2003

    FIRE BOARD OF APPEALS - Randy Swart, term expires December 2003 (Randy is not interested in continuing; Kim is).

    TRAVEL AND TOURISM - R. DeMoney, term expires March 2005

    TRAFFIC CALMING - Elaine Squeri - term expires March 2005

The group felt there were other commissions, etc. on which we had or should have representation. Jim pointed out that Dan has his files.


By-Laws - Jean wants to step down. Need someone new.

Banquet - Ann Rudd was identified as willing to co-chair this. However, this might not be so. Nancy Graham will work on this. Other suggested chairs/co-chairs were Linda Dye of Douglas Park and Linda Blahut of Cherrydale.

Other committees appear staffed.


Minority Outreach - NAACP - Civic Coalition for Minority Affairs. Dan wants to partner with groups - coalition building. Nancy suggested we approach LULAC again. Randy indicated that he tried during his presidency but found it difficult.

Black Heritage Museum

Task Forces - report by December; get working groups in place in September; work during the ensuing months.

General Outreach - by September, we should have identified an organized way to get to both members organizations and potential new members. Herschel had a number of suggestions on this issue.

CIVIC HERO --- Several suggestions were offered:

The meeting ended sometime around 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick Smaldore and Kim Smith
Acting Secretaries

This page was last revised on: December 27, 2003.
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