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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

Executive Committee Minutes
for February 13, 2006

Location: Hospice of Northern Virginia

Time: 7 PM - 9:15 PM


Officers: Patrick Smaldore, President; Jackie Snelling, VP; Frances Finta, Treasurer; Burt Bostwick, Secretary

Executive Committee Members: Larry Mayer-Chair, Stan Karson, Frank Emerson and Beth Offenbacker. Excused: Eileen Williams

Others: Vivian Kallen (to discuss Cultural Affairs Program) Jay Wind, Parks & Recreation Committee, Jerry Auten, Transportation Committee.

Secretary's Report: The minutes from the meeting of January 9, 2006 were approved as submitted.

Treasurer's Report: Frances Finta reported a balance of $2388.39 in checking and savings, of which $802.00 was reserved for the 9-11 fund. The prepaid Postal Account is $108.74 and 77 of 82 organizations have paid their dues for the current fiscal year.

It was noted that balances are less than the comparable period from last year. A brief discussion on ways to increase revenues and decrease expenses was held. Larry Mayer suggested a more detailed discussion be scheduled as a future agenda item.

5. Significant Old Business:

a. Patrick mentioned that Kathleen Matthews would be the speaker for the ACCF Banquet. Frances Finta, Chair of the Awards Committee, offered several names for consideration. It was agreed to defer consideration until the next meeting when more background would be available on why the awards were merited. Larry Mayer was to include an item on the next agenda for awards discussion.

b. Patrick asked everyone to provide him with questions for his meeting with Chris Zimmerman on Friday, February 17 and reminded everyone that a group picture would be made at 2 PM following his meeting.

c. John Antonelli is working on a survey on County Board meeting procedures to be submitted to ACCF membership. However, his civic association, Columbia Heights, says he does not have the authority to offer these resolutions on their behalf. A discussion followed concerning the authority required by delegates to present resolutions to ACCF membership on behalf of the organization or civic association.

Larry Mayer was asked to contact the Columbia Heights Civic Association regarding John's authority.

6. Known Significant New Business

a. March 7 meeting/agenda: Vivian Kallen of the Cultural Affairs Committee described the program to be presented to ACCF membership. There were to be four speakers and she planned to ask Jim LeValley of Channel 69 to tape the program. Martha Moore and Bill Gearhart, Co-chairs of the Planning and Zoning Committee, planned to offer a resolution at the meeting concerning the authority of the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). They would also provide an update on the status of the proposed amendment for Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs).

7. Items of Interest

a. President's Report: Patrick noted that the Public Service Committee presentation at the Feb 7 meeting was done very well. The presentation has been posted to the ACCF web site. Patrick reminded everyone that ACCF was a sponsor of Neighborhood Day this year, and that we should send our ideas to Randy Swart.

b. Gerry Auten, Chair of the Transportation Committee, announced that his committee would meet Feb. 26.

c. Stan Karsen said that his civic association 'RAFOM', would hold their meeting on Tuesday, Feb 21 at the Belvedere. All are welcome to attend.

8. Monthly ACCF 'Roundup': A brief discussion was held on opportunities to get ACCF positions and activities before the public. Beth Offenbacker said she had e-mailed Channel 69 about additional programs for Stan Karsen and was waiting for a response.

10. Unfinished Business

a. Jackie Snelling provided copies of the ACCF Liaison position assignment matrix. She had been requested to do so by the Executive Committee so that ACCF could keep track of the various liaison assignments. Jackie Snelling and Larry Mayer will maintain the list, and asked for any updates to be sent to them.

The meeting adjourned at 9 PM.

Submitted: Burt Bostwick, Secretary

This page was last revised on: March 22, 2006.
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