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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

Executive Committee Minutes
for March 13, 2006

Location: Hospice of Northern Virginia

Time: 7 PM - 9:45 PM

Agenda: Attached

Officers: Patrick Smaldore, President; Jackie Snelling, VP; Frances Finta, Treasurer; Burt Bostwick, Secretary
Executive Committee Members: Larry Mayer-Chair, Stan Karson, Frank Emerson and Eileen Williams. Excused: Beth Offenbacker
Others: Jim Pebley, Randy Swart, Larry Finch, John Antonelli, Beth Wolffe, Steve Geiger, Jerry Auten

2) Visitor and Other Reports

Beth Wolffe spoke to the recent study completed by the Schools Committee reviewing efforts 'close the gap' in Arlington Schools. She said Roger Meyer and Roye Lowry had authored the bulk of the report.

Steve Geiger reported on the Airport Issues Committee. He said the 'noise report' of the MWCOG and MWAA had been sent to the FAA's NY office for review, and they are about ready to release it for public comment. The most significant noise reduction recommendation is that aircraft follow the center of the Potomac River on their departure from National Airport until they reach the American Legion Bridge. It may take a year before the final decision is made. He noted that Congressman Moran is in favor of it.

The ACCF will take action when the report is opened for public comment. Steve will draft a resolution. Larry Mayer asked that he coordinate with Martha Moore on the issue.

Jerry Auten discussed the 'sidewalk resolution' introduced at the last ACCF membership meeting by John Shepherd. A motion to send a letter/e-mail on the topic to civic association presidents was approved unanimously. The resolution will be considered at the April ACCF Membership meeting.

Eileen Williams discussed her meeting with the Chief of Police Advisory Council and recent e-mail report. She noted that salary continues to be a big issue and suggested that the ACCF resolution of February 2005 asking for additional police officers be re-submitted it to the Board.

Larry Finch reported that the Donaldson Run Stream Restoration Project had been completed except for the bridge. He also said the Board is to approve the 4-Mile Run Master Plan (which was supported by an ACCF resolution); and that Steve Temmermand of the Parks and Recreation Division of DPRCR was looking for civic association input on a 'Natural Resources Strategy'.

3) Secretary's Report: The minutes from the meeting of February 13, 2006 were approved as amended.

4) Treasurer's Report: Frances Finta reported a balance of $3360.10 in checking and savings, of which $802.00 was reserved for the 9-11 fund. The prepaid Postal Account is $215.99 and 77 of 82 organizations have paid their dues for the current fiscal year.

Frances noted that Randy Swart had been maintaining the ACCF web site at his own expense for some time now, and asked that the Executive Committee approve an annual payment to Randy for web maintenance of $120.89. The request was approved with the Committee's sincere thanks for Randy's efforts.

5. Significant Old Business:

a. Jim Pebley and Frances Finta of the Awards Committee discussed the nominees for the ACCF awards to be made at the annual ACCF banquet. Jim suggested that Carrie Johnson of the Planning Commission be given a Special Recognition Award for her 20 years service on the Planning Commission, and her other civic duties. Robert Griffin of the Office of Emergency Management was nominated to receive the President's Award, and Kathryn Scruggs, Larry Finch and Jay Wind were nominated to receive ACCF Certificates of Appreciation.

b. Frances Finta reported that she had received 32 paid members for the banquet. It was suggested that the ExCom divide up the list of delegates and begin calling delegates the following week if deemed necessary.

c. The Executive Committee considered John Antonelli's proposed survey on 'Civic Engagement and Participation'. The ExCom had asked John to come up with a proposed survey in response to his proposed resolution of County Board meeting procedures. Subsequently, it was determined that John's civic association, Columbia Heights, did not support either of the two resolutions John had introduced at an ACCF membership meeting. After a discussion of the proposed merits of the survey, and whether the ExCom should support sending it to ACCF membership, a motion to defer consideration of the survey was passed by a margin of 4-3.

This discussion also raised the issue as to whether a delegate could offer a resolution on behalf of their organization if the organization did not support it. Discussion on this item was deferred.

6) Known Significant New Business

a. The proposed agenda for the April membership meeting was discussed without issue.

b. Discussion of ACCF's role on Neighborhood Day (May 13), and ACCF process (agenda item 11) were deferred.

7) Items of Interest

a. President's report: Patrick Smaldore said the ACCF membership meeting in February had gone very well. He reminded ExCom members that he was looking for topics to discuss with ACB Chair Chris Zimmerman at their next scheduled meeting. He also noted that he was to have a meeting with Board Member Walter Tejada on 'outreach' for minorities and younger people.

8) Monthly ACCF 'Roundup'

a. Another ACCF program on Channel 69 was in the works, tentatively scheduled for April 5. Beth will be the 'interviewer'.

9) ACCF Committee Program Planning May 2 - State Delegation Program - Patrick will invite State delegates to the May 2 ACCF program and coordinate with Tim Wise as required.

10) Uncompleted Action Items - These items were deferred to future meetings.

11) Possible Action Items - These items were deferred to future meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Submitted: Burt Bostwick, Secretary

This page was last revised on: April 10, 2006.
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