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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

May, 2004 - Volume 88, No. 9 ------

Federation to Host State Delegates and Senators

April General Meeting, Tuesday, May 4 , 2004. 7:30 PM Hazel Auditorium, Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington

Main Program features Richmond Delegation

The Civic Federation will welcome Arlington's State Delegates and Senators to the May 4th meeting, with a program beginning at 8:15 pm. Our delegation to Richmond will speak about the recent session, including the state budget, and what became of the Federation's legislative agenda. Our Delegates and Senators will be available for questions from our delegates and alternates.

Emergency Medical Service Presentation

Our meeting will also feature a presentation regarding the role of County Emergency Medical Services. The Arlington County Fire Department is responsible for supporting and providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to residents of Arlington County. The Arlington County EMS staff responds to both medical and fire emergencies and provides Advanced Cardiac Life Support, when needed. In addition, the Arlington County EMS receives special training and preparation to respond to HAZMAT incidents (including chemical weapons) and bomb threats (including radiation dispersal devices or "dirty bombs"), and participates with the Department of Defense in exercises simulating the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Federation News

Federation Members Speak in Maryland

On April 22, 2004, members of the Federation Executive Committee: President Dan Krasnegor; Vice-President Patrick Smaldore; and Executive Committee Member Stan Karson spoke at the final workshop session of the Prince George's County Community Leadership Institute. The Institute is co-sponsored by the Prince George's County Council and the Prince George's Community College. The six-session workshop series, "Know Your Prince George's", was designed to provide future community leaders with the resources and information necessary for strong and effective leadership in Prince George's County. Federation members spoke about what the Federation is and how it works; what our experiences have been in starting up a new civic association, and what basic structure a civic association should have. Additionally we discussed our experiences on what the Federation and Civic Associations can accomplish in terms of education, engagement of the community, participation with local government, and neighborhood projects. The Federation presentation, along with the questions and answer session were very well received by the capacity crowd of about 100 people that included elected officials, and the Community Leaders enrolled in the Community Leadership Institute.

April Meeting Recap

At the April meeting, the Federation passed the Revenues and Expenditures and Schools Committee Budget recommendations .

The Federation also passed a resolution on Coordination and Management of High-Voltage Transmission Line Clearing. The resolution provides that the Federation:

  • endorses the County's plans to work with Dominion Virginia Power and the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority to develop an agreed plan for maintenance of the DVP right-of-way along the W&OD Trail;
  • favors adopting a management policy of "the right tree in the right place" to reduce the need for future tree cutting along the right-of-way; o supports the use of environmentally appropriate herbicides to ensure that invasive plants do not advance along the power line right-of-way;
  • favors close cooperation between Arlington urban foresters and DVP in identifying and tagging trees that should not be cut in future maintenance cycles;
  • supports restoring areas that NVRPA had identified as meadows, temporarily using stakes and ropes, and employing infrequent mowing or alternative techniques to control invasive species;
  • urges the County and DVP to provide advance notice to civic associations and other stakeholder groups, and to post notices to alert individual users of the W&OD Trail prior to the start of future maintenance cycles; and
  • favors establishment of a forum where representatives and members of stakeholder groups can meet with County, NVRPA and DVP officials to discuss planned maintenance activities.

Arlington Neighborhood Day

Saturday, May 8th

Your local neighborhood is probably planning something! For the most up-to-date list, please see the official Neighborhood Day website.

Arlington County Fair Booth Needs Your Help!

Its time again for the Federation to begin preparing for the 28th annual Arlington County Fair. The Fair will be held Thursday August 19th thru Sunday August 22nd at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center 3501 South Second Street. Opening ceremonies are Thursday August 19th at 6:30pm. The theme for this year's Fair will be "Arlington - Where History Comes Alive". We need ACCF Volunteers for Thursday 7pm to 10pm, Friday and Saturday 10am to 9pm, and Sunday 11am to 5pm. Please sign up for the 3-hour period, on Thursday opening night, or for 2-hour or 3-hour periods on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Our corner space this year is J-17. For further information on volunteering please contact Patrick Smaldore - Pat@Civfed.org or (703-528-3935)

Committee News

The Bylaws Committee will report on its recommendations for changes to the Federation's bylaws and standing rules, if any, following its April 28th meeting. If the Committee makes any recommendations, the Federation will have an opportunity to act on the suggestions at the June 2004 meeting. For more information, please contact Scott McGeary at smcgeary@washgas.com.

The Environmental Affairs Committee is planning a survey of Arlington citizens to learn their favorite Arlington environmental issues. The committee asks anyone who receives or finds a survey to return it, following the directions it gives. The questionnaires will be distributed in dispersed drop-off points. The Committee's next meeting, on May 20th, will focus on clean water, and will feature Aileen Winquist of the County Public Works staff. The meeting will take place at the community room at Tower Villas Condo, 3800 Fairfax Drive, at 7:30 pm. Anyone with environmental concerns is invited to attend and bring them to our attention. For more information, please contact Ben Axleroad or rob+.

The Executive Committee is beginning to wind down its 2003-04 year - one that has brought us a multitude of new issues and challenges and some truly remarkable Committee chairmen and members. Increasingly, we are being asked to work year-round and the Executive Committee wants you all to know how much we appreciate your diligence, thoroughness, general sense of fairness and resolve.

The committee's next meeting will be held the third Tuesday of May at the Hospice of Northern Virginia on N. 16th Street and Abingdon at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome. Questions? Call Kim Smith at 703-527-0294 or e-mail her at kim+.

As a follow-up to the March 2 ACCF meeting, the Housing Committee worked with the Executive Committee and the Planning and Zoning Committee to organize the ACCF Housing Forum, which was held at St. Charles School on April 17. Over twenty five people attended the forum. The Committee met on April 26 to discuss four items in its 2004 work program: the March 2 ACCF meeting and April 17 ACCF Housing Forum, further contacts with civic associations and other ACCF member organizations, Arlington County budget and land use issues relevant to affordable housing, and a pending resolution recommending that the Civic Federation support the Alliance for Housing Solutions. The Committee is offering to work with ACCF member organizations to present information on affordable housing and the Alliance for Housing Solutions -- either at meetings of ACCF member organizations or through preparation of items for ACCF member organization newsletters. The next meeting of the Committee is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on May 11. For more information, please contact joe+.

Heads up to all who are interested in trying to influence the State Legislature in 2005! The Legislation Committee will meet on August 23, August 30, and September 13 (we skip Labor Day). The location will be announced later. New members are welcome. If you have questions, you can contact Nancy Graham at (703) 243-4650 or nancy. + The Parks and Recreation Committee met on April 26, 2004. The committee began its review of parks and recreation programs in the CIP. The following was approved unanimously: The Arlington County Civic Federation recommends that the Arlington County Board separate parks and recreation from other bond referenda on the November 2004 ballot. A motion to recommend separating North Tract from other parks and recreation bond issues was defeated.

Robert Atkins noted that the FY03 CIP showed $8 million for land acquisition in FY07, while the current FY05 CIP shows only $2 million for land acquisition in FY07. He made following motion: The Arlington County Civic Federation recommends that this and future CIPs provide for an ongoing minimum amount, a sum of no less than $5 million, in every two-year bond referendum for land and facility acquisition, and that those funds be held in reserve for targets of opportunity consistent with approved master plans. This motion was tabled pending further discussion at a special meeting of the committee, on a date to be determined, devoted entirely to the CIP. Parks and Recreation Commission chair Toby Smith will be invited to participate in that meeting.

PARK ENHANCEMENT GRANT PROGRAM (PEG). This program, formerly called the Small Parks Program, was discussed briefly. Jay Wind noted that the deadline for submitting Letters of Intent is Monday, May 17, 2004, and he thought the Civic Federation could help in publicizing this deadline. WIDENING OF THE W&OD TRAIL. Bernie Berne reported that Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) has authorized widening of portions of the W&OD Trail in Arlington although there had been no public process for reviewing those plans. He noted that the Arlington Bicycle Transportation Plan provides for public review of trail designs focusing on "impacts on natural, scenic and historical resources, as prescribed by public regulations´┐Ż" The following resolution was moved by Robert Atkins, seconded by Bernie Berne, and approved unanimously: The Arlington County Civic Federation recommends that the Arlington County Board instruct its appointees to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority to seek a new NVRPA policy requiring its staff to provide public notices and seek the same local approvals (e.g. environmental impact and zoning) for its projects as would a private developer in any of its member jurisdictions.

URBAN FORESTRY REPORT. Larry Finch reported that the Urban Forest Master Plan, which had been discussed at the April meeting of the Civic Federation, was at an advanced stage of preparation. Parks and Recreation was in the process of incorporating comments from other County departments, and the draft master plan should be ready for public comment in a few weeks. When the draft becomes available, the committee should review it and recommend a position to the Civic Federation. ROSSLYN PROPERTY. Continuing a discussion from the March 29 meeting, Bernie Berne reviewed the issues related to the site review process for the property at 1101 Lee Highway in Rosslyn. That property is zoned S-3A and designated for public use, and the owner is seeking to have it rezoned "C-O-1.5" in order to build a 10-story, 43-unit residential building there. The property is surrounded by undeveloped land owned by the National Park Service, Arlington County, and the Virginia Department of Transportation. Details can be found at: http://www.co.arlington.va.us/cphd/planning/applications/site_plans/pdfs/sprc_032304.pdf. The following resolution was proposed by Bernie Berne, seconded by Larry Finch, and approved with 7 votes in favor and 2 abstentions: The Arlington County Civic Federation recommends that the property at 1101 Lee Highway in Rosslyn should retain its present zoning and GLUP designations, and not be rezoned from S-3A (public use) to C-O-1.5 for private development.

The next meeting of the committee will be a special meeting devoted entirely to the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), on a date to be determined. For more information, please contact jay+ or larry. +

Dear Fellow Delegates: As many of you know, the Public Services Committee began its most recent incarnation five years ago by attempting to improve the public safety infrastructure of Arlington. Following the attacks on September 11th, we expanded our efforts to include personal preparedness since many emergency situations could well result in delays in the arrival of emergency personnel. We who have worked on public safety are now entering the third phase of our effort: neighborhood preparedness. The Presidents of civic, condo and homeowner associations (as well as businesses and service groups) have received a letter from the County Manager, the Citizen Corps Council and the Civic Federation detailing June 5th's Arlington Prepares and its Door-to-Door Campaign, designed to bring safety information to all Arlington households, to gauge the level of readily-available communications in neighborhoods, apartments, etc., and to stress the importance of systems of communication in an emergency. We are asking four things of our fellow delegates:

Register for ArlingtonAlert at www.ArlingtonAlert.com and work toward getting more NOAA weather alert radios in your neighborhood or building; Ask your president if he or she has received the letter on Arlington Prepares and encourage him/her to complete the survey; Consider registering to deliver packets of information to some of your neighbors on June 5th - and encourage your fellow neighbors to help as well; Plan to participate in the community fair, workshop and communications drill in October.

No one knows what the future may bring - whether another Isabel or an Osama will visit us. What we do know is that if we all work together, we can be better prepared for an event. The Civic Federation as a group is an Arlington Prepares Partner in preparedness. We hope you as an individual will be as well. Jackie, Anne and Kim

While the Federation's committees provide opportunities to stay involved and make a difference, it won't help you, unless you and your organization participate. You say that you don't have time? You can't stand meetings? Well, thanks to the hard work of Jay Wind, there is a new, easy way to stay in the loop. Internet discussion groups have been established for all Civic Federation Committees. The new discussion groups make it easy to join committees, participate in discussion, and to keep up-to-date on the latest news without taking up all your time. Anyone who belongs to a Civic Federation member organization is eligible to join up. To sign up, all you have to do is go to www.civfed.org/egroups.htm and follow the instructions on the page.

Community News

NAACP To Celebrate 50 Years of Brown v Board of Education

To commemorate this landmark decision, the Arlington Branch of the NAACP, in partnership with Arlington Public Schools, Arlington County and the Black Minister's Alliance, have planed two activities. At 12:30PM on Monday, May 17, at the Stratford School Building, in conjunction with HALRB, a historical marker will be unveiled commemorating the site of the first school integrated in Arlington. At 7:00PM at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School, a production, featuring dramatic readings, songs, and dance, will reenact the Brown decision. Both activities are open and free to the public. Additional information or to participate in either activity, please contact: Margaret Stephen-Reed (703-228-8047)

The Arlington County Civic Federation
Officers 2003-2004

President Daniel Krasnegor (dan+)

Vice President Patrick Smaldore (pat+)

Treasurer Tim Wise (tim+)

Secretary Frances Finta (703-528-2882)

Executive Committee

Chairman Kimberly Johnson-Smith (kim+)

Vice Chairman Nancy Graham (nancy+)

Member Stan Karson (stan+)

Member Ken Marcus (ken+)

Member Randy Swart (randy+)

Committee Chairs

Ad Hoc Airport Issues Committee
    (Co-chairs) Steve Baur (steveb+)
    Steve Geiger (steveg+)

    Scott McGeary (scott+) 703-750-4704

Community Relations
    Beth Offenbacker (beth+) (acting)

Cultural Affairs
    Herschel Kanter (herschel+) 703-536-6286

Environmental Affairs (Co-chairs)
    Ben Axleroad 703-525-3083
    Rob Simmons (rob+)

Governance - vacant


    Joe Wholey

    Nancy Graham (nancy+) 703-243-4650

    Frances Finta 703-528-2882

Parks & Recreation (Co-chairs)
    Jay Jacob Wind (jay+)
    Larry Finch (larry+)

Planning & Zoning (Co-chairs)
    William Gearhart
    (bill+) 703-522-2276
    Martha Moore (martha) 03-527-+3782

Public Services (Co-chairs)
    Anne Fisher (anne+)
    Kim Smith (kim+)

Public Preparedness Initiative
    Jackie Snelling (prepared+)

Revenues and Expenditures (Co-chairs)
    Robert Atkins (bob+)
    Randy Swart (Randy+)

Scholarship (co-chairs)
    Tim Reese, Jim Pebley jim+

Schools (Co-chairs)
    Roger Meyer (roger+) 703-671-3655
    Terri Prell (terri+) 703-820-3782

Special Events
    Frances Finta 703-528-2882

Transportation (Co-Chairs)
      Jerry Auten (jerry+)703-536-5365
      Ed Parks (ed)


    Arlington County Civic Federation
    c/o Dan Krasnegor
    1305 N. Longfellow St.
    Arlington, VA 22205

    This page was last revised on: May 2, 2004.
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