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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

September, 2004 - Volume 89, No. 1 ------

ACCF Candidates Night

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

7:00 pm

Please Note the Early Start Time

Hazel Conference Center, Virginia Hospital
Center-Arlington 1701 North George Mason Drive

Candidates Night Format and Rules

1. Contested Candidates U.S Congress House of Representatives, Arlington County Board, and Arlington School Board will appear as separate panels in that order. When called each panel of candidates will take its place at the front table in the auditorium. Surrogates for candidates are not permitted. If a candidate is unable to attend in person, the panel will be presented without them.

2. Each candidate will have an opportunity to make an opening statement standing at the podium. The order of opening statements will be determined by a drawing by the candidates to be held at the podium at the start of the panel. After opening statements, the candidates will be seated at the front table next to the podium and have the opportunity to field questions from the audience. Candidates are permitted to use prepared remarks or notes during their presentations. The Federation President will serve as Moderator.

3. Each candidate will have three minutes for an opening statement and one minute to answer each question posed to any member of their panel. The order of answering questions will rotate with each new question unless the question is posed directly to one member of the panel, in which case that candidate will answer first. Following questions each candidate will have two minutes to make a summation statement. Candidates will be informed by cue card when one minute remains, when thirty seconds remain, and when time has expired, upon which the Moderator will ask the candidate to conclude his or her remarks. There will be no one-minute-remaining cue card for question and responses since they are limited to one minute.

4. During the question and answer period, questions from Federation delegates and alternates will be entertained through a random drawing system. Delegates and alternates will have the opportunity to register for the drawing by noting their name and the civic organization they represent on a name card. Registration will be conducted in the Hospital Conference Center Lobby between 6:15 pm and the conclusion of opening statements by candidates on the respective candidate panel to which the question is directed. The name card is to be placed in the applicable public office box located at the registration desk. Delegates and alternates whose names are drawn at random by the moderator will speak via a walk-around microphone (handled by ACCF Executive Committee members) when recognized to pose their question. Questions may be directed to one or more candidates, in which case they will answer first, but each candidate will have an opportunity to address the subject matter of the question posed to the respective panel.

5. Questions must be concise, no more than thirty seconds in length, and not statements of position. Argumentative, multi-part, and follow-up questions will not be permitted. Time is available for approximately five questions per panel of candidates. In the interest of allowing as many persons as possible to ask questions, each delegate or alternate will be allowed to pose only one question to one panel of candidates. If their name is subsequently drawn for a second panel, it will be disqualified unless all who registered for that panel have already asked a question of a previous candidate.

6. Candidates Night is a nonpartisan public forum, open to the public, and is conducted on the property of our host, The Virginia Hospital Center - Arlington. Customary hospital noise limits apply. Cell phones are not allowed inside Hospital buildings. Signs, banners, demonstrations and audio-visual presentations are not allowed in the Conference Center lobby, hallway, auditorium, or on the outside of the Hospital building. Only authorized press and ACCF representatives may tape or photograph the proceedings. Literature may be distributed only in the lobby of the Conference Center, from 6:45pm until the close of the meeting. During the evening, candidates and their supporters are expected to respect the Hospital's rules, as well as, the sensitivities of patients and visitors. It is expected that the event will be videotaped by Cable Channel 69 personnel for later broadcast. Other members of the media will be invited.

7. The decorum of the Civic Federation will be observed at all times. Deliberate demonstrations staged while panel members are speaking will not be tolerated and may result in terminating that portion of the program. Civic Federation members and guests are expected to refrain from audible conversations and other behavior that may distract panel members and detract from the decorum of the program. Member and guests failing to observe Civic Federation decorum (as outlined above) will be asked to leave the auditorium.

AGENDA - Tuesday, September 7, 2004

7:00pm, Call to Order

1. Pledge of Allegiance (formal start of meeting)
2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes (June 1, 2004)
3. Treasurer's Report
4. Committee Reports

7:15, Panel for U.S. Congress

7:55, Panel for Arlington County Board

8:25, Panel for Arlington County School Board

5. New Business/Announcements

6. Adjournment

The Arlington County Civic Federation 2004-2005

Executive Committee Officers

    President - Patrick Smaldore - 703-528-3935
    Vice President - Anne Fisher - 703-838-8502
    Treasurer - Frances Finta - 703-528-2882/fax 703-528-0182
    Secretary - Tim Russo - 703-527-3693

Executive Committee Members

Arlington County Civic Federation
C/o Patrick A. Smaldore Jr.
3859 North Second Street
Arlington, VA 22203-3803

This page was last revised on: August 25, 2004.
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