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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

October, 2004 - Volume 89, No. 2 ------

ACCF General Meeting Notice

Tuesday, October, 5 2004, 7:30pm

Hazel Conference Center
Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington
1701 North George Mason Drive

Message from the President

Constitutional Amendments and County Bond Issues

Our October program will examine the two Constitutional Amendments on this year's ballot and the four County bond issues. Delegate Bob Brink has agreed to speak on the Constitutional amendments. For the bond issues, the County is sending three of its financial best: Gus Vega and David Miller will put these bond issues in context regarding size, the impact on debt service and the rapidly approaching "10% of current revenues" debt limit. Michelle Ferguson will discuss the projects that would be funded by the bonds. There will be pro and con speakers on some of the Amendments and bond issues as well. Each delegate (up to four per member organization) will receive a ballot before the program and turn it in afterward, and the Federation's votes will be announced to the press. For further info please contact Bob Atkins (bob+) or Randy Swart (randy+).

Governor's Community Service
and Volunteerism Awards

The Virginia Commission for National and Community Service is charged by the Governor to salute the significant contributions of Virginia citizens to the life and welfare of the Commonwealth and its people. The award ceremony took place September 1, at the 2004 Virginia State Conference on Community Service and Civic Engagement. This years award for Homeland Security Service went to Kimberly Johnson -Smith, past delegate and ACCF Executive Committee Chair.

Congratulations Kim!!!!

Patrick Smaldore

Legislation Committee Highlights

By Nancy Graham, Chair 703-243-4650

The Legislation Committee concluded its deliberations on Monday, September 13. The Committee decided to delete a number of provisions that were no longer pressing or that had been addressed by the General Assembly. Among these were the increase in the cigarette tax and the tobacco products tax. We also deleted the clean water provisions but referred these to Environmental Affairs for revision and inclusion in next year's package. New and Revised Proposals

  • Name an appropriate public facility in honor of James B. Hunter, III

  • Repeal the "Affirmation of Marriage Act" (HB 571, passed in 2004)

  • Allow private companies and insurance companies to offer domestic partner benefits and health coverage to those not related by blood or marriage

  • Expand authority of certified advance practice nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants to write appropriate prescriptions and to practice independently or in collaboration with physicians

  • Urge sales tax modernization by adopting legislation to conform with the multistate Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement which would adopt uniform definitions of goods and services, e.g. what constitutes computer software.

Copies of the revised package will be available at the October meeting and can be found on the Web Site.

The ACCF Legislative Package will be discussed at the November ACCF General Meeting.

AGENDA - Tuesday, October 5, 2004

7:30pm, Call to Order

    1. Pledge of Allegiance (formal start of meeting)

    2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes (Sept 7, 2004)

    3. Treasurer's Report

    4. Committee Reports

    5. Constitutional Amendments and County Bond Issues Program

    6. New Business/Announcements

    7. Adjournment

This just in from CH69!!!

The dates and times of the CH69 telecast of the ACCF Candidates night in its entirety is scheduled for:

    � Sunday 19 Sept 5pm
    � Tuesday 21 Sept 6pm
    � Sunday 26 Sept 5pm
    � Tuesday 28 Sept 6pm

The next telecasts will be broken down into segments of the Congressional, County Board, and School Board. When I get those dates I will pass them on via email, as well as, being posted on the ACCF Web site.

The Arlington County Civic Federation 2004-2005

Executive Committee Officers

    President - Patrick Smaldore - 703-528-3935
    Vice President - Anne Fisher - 703-838-8502
    Treasurer - Frances Finta - 703-528-2882/fax 703-528-0182
    Secretary - Tim Russo - 703-527-3693

Executive Committee Members

Arlington County Civic Federation
C/o Patrick A. Smaldore Jr.
3859 North Second Street
Arlington, VA 22203-3803

This page was last revised on: August 25, 2004.
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