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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

February, 2006 - Volume 90, No. 6 ------

ACCF General Meeting Notice

Tuesday February 7, 2006, 7:30pm

Hazel Conference Center
Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington
1701 North George Mason Drive


Tuesday February 7, 2006


1. Pledge of Allegiance (formal start of meeting)

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes (Jan 3, 2006)

4. Treasurer's Report

5. Executive Committee Resolution

6. Parks Committee Resolution

7. Public Services Committee Program (see below)

8. New Business/Adjournment

Message from the President

How would Arlington handle a health outbreak?

Come to the February 7th Arlington County Civic Federation meeting and find out!!

The February 7th Civic Federation meeting will feature an investigation of a health "outbreak" in a special ninety-minute interactive program presented by Arlington's Public Health Director, Dr. Reuben Varghese. Dr. Varghese will use audience participation in an exercise featuring a mock health outbreak to demonstrate how Arlington would approach an epidemic. The goal of the program is to familiarize participants with how a public health investigation works and to get people thinking about the practical things they should do to prepare for any public health emergency. It is really up to each one of us to see that we have nonperishable food, drinkable water, and flashlights in our homes or apartments for emergency use, for example. We should all wash our hands frequently, and see that the gas tanks in our vehicles are never less than half full of fuel. Dr. Varghese will provide us with factual information and will indicate things that should worry or should not worry us.

Dr. Varghese became the Arlington Health Officer last July 18 after an extensive search. The Civic Federation participated in the final interviews and was well represented by Bob Atkins, the well-known, knowledgeable, and experienced public health activist on our Public Services Committee.

In announcing Dr. Varghese's appointment, County Manager, Ron Carlee, stated, "demonstrated excellence in preventive medicine and epidemiology make Reuben K. Varghese, M.D. the logical choice to become Arlington County's new Health Officer." Dr. Varghese holds an M.D. degree from Brown University and an M.P.H. (Master of Public Health) from Johns Hopkins University. He has had extensive experience in public health including participation on the CDC (Center for Disease Control) team sent to New York City to monitor the latent health effects of 9/11.

As background for the program on Feb 7th, we will distribute copies of the TIME magazine special issue on global health for 2005,with a center section entitled, "The Paths of Infection." The GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical corporation has donated copies for participants. If you want to read the article first, it is in the Nov.7, 2005 edition of TIME. Their website is:

For information about Arlington's Health programs, see the Arlington County Public Health website

Then click on Public Health.

Patrick Smaldore

Planning & Zoning Committee Updates:

Lot Coverage

The committee reviewed the new lot coverage restrictions adopted by the County Board in November and on December 14 asked the County Board Clerk and County staff how "height" was substituted for "footprint" in Section 35-A-1-(b), which addresses rebuilding rights. The word height was not in the documents the committee reviewed earlier. Several other questions were submitted; the current materials on the civfed.org Web site will be updated when responses are received.

Use of Church/Lodge Parking Lots in Residential Neighborhoods

About 50 delegates completed a straw poll taken at the ACCF Janurary 7th General meeting. There was wide support for making parking available via both the by-right and use permit provisions in proposed zoning ordinance amendment. However, delegates wanted: 1) more restrictions on the types of vehicles allowed; 2) the use permit to run with the specific use and not with the land; and 3) access to be by arterials if possible. Delegates also supported making the lots available for commuters, which was more liberal than the staff recommendation. Poll results are available on the civfed.org Web site and were made available to the County Board for the January 21st meeting when the Board will vote on the zoning ordinance amendment.

For more information please contact: Martha Moore, martha@civfed.org

GLOBAL 2005 Health

  • One child dies of malaria in africa every 29 seconds.

  • One person is infected with HIV every 6.4 seconds.

  • Someone in the world dies of TB every 18 seconds.

  • One pregnant woman dies of complications every 60 seconds.

  • Where you live and how you die.

    In much of the world, heart disease is cause of death. But in parts of the developng world particularly Africa, Infectious Disease claim more lives. The top causes of death by region:

    • United States
      Heart disease 28.5 percent. Cancer 22.8 percent. Stroke 6.7 percent. Respiratory disease 5.9 percent. Accidents 4.5 percent.

    • The Americas
      Heart Disease 15.3 percent. Stroke 7.6 percent. Diabetes 4.2 percent. Pulmunary disease 4.0 percent. Throat, lung cancer 3.9 percent.

    • Europe
      Heart disease 24.7 percent. Stroke 15.1 percent. Throat, lung cancer 3.8 percent Respiratory Infections 2.8 percent. Pulmonary disease 2.7 percent.

    • South and East Asia
      Heart Disease 13.9 percent Respiratory infections 9.4 percent. Stroke 7.2 percent. Perinatal conditions 6.9 percent. Tuberculosis 4.7 percent.

    • Middle East
      Heart disease 12.9 percent. Respiratory infections 8.6 percent. Perinatal conditions 7.3 percent. Diarrheal diseases 6.9 percent. Stroke 5.9 percent.

    • China and the Pacific Rim
      Stroke 16.4 percent. Pulmonary disease 11.5 percent. Heart disease 8.3 percent. Stomach cancer 4.2 percent. Respiratory infections 4.1 percent.

    • Africa
      HIV/AIDS 20.4 percent. Malaria 10.1 percent. Respiratory infections 9.8 percent. Diarrheal diseases 8.5 percent. Perinatal conditions 5.1 percent.
(Source: GSK/GlaxoSmithKline report and TIMEMAG)

ACCF Committee Chairs

Ad Hoc Airports Committee

By-Laws Committee

Community Relations Committee

Cultural Affairs Committee

Environmental Committee

    Ben Axelroad, Chair - 703-525-3083

Housing Committee

Legislation Committee

Membership Committee

    Frances Finta, Chair - 703-528-2882/fax 703-528-0182

Parks & Recreation Committee

Planning & Zoning Committee

Public Services Committee - Amy Levin, 703-521-4894+

Revenues & Expenditures Committee

Scholarship Committees


      Jim Pebley - 703-525-0766
      Tim Reese 703-533-0091, Co-Chairs


      Frances Finta - 703-528-2882/fax 703-528-0182

Schools Committee

Special Events Committee

    Frances Finta - Phone 703-528-2882/ Fax 703-528-0182

Transportation Committee

The Arlington County Civic Federation 2005-2006

Executive Committee Officers

Executive Committee Members

Arlington County Civic Federation
C/o Patrick A. Smaldore Jr.
3859 North Second Street
Arlington, VA 22203-3803

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