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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

ACCF Annual Awards Banquet - 2007

We had a good turnout for this happy occasion.

Roye Lowry gave his traditional Invocation.

County Board Chairman Paul Ferguson read the proclamation of Civic Month.

WJLA Photo

Our guest of honor and keynote speaker was Maureen Bunyan of ABC 7 WJLA News. Her speech included background on her roots in civic activism (at age 5!) and her philosophy on bringing us the news.


The Journal Cup

Gerald Auten

Jerry received the Sun-Gazette Cup award from Scott McCaffrey, Editor of the Sun Gazette.

Jerry is pictured here on the left with 2006 Cup winner Patrick Smaldore on the right.

The Order of Distinguished Meritorius Service

Martha Moore

Martha received this prestigious award for sustained exceptional service over a long period of years from from Executive Committee Chair Jackie Snelling. Here is the award citation.

The Order of Distinguished Meritorious Service

This award is presented for sustained exceptional service over a long period of years, and is not necessarily awarded each year. It is awarded to a person who:

    (a) Is a current or former active delegate to the Federation;
    (b) Has made an outstanding contribution to Arlington County over an extended period of time; and
    (c) Exemplifies the citizen activist as a positive element in community life.
Starting in 1936, there have been only 21 recipients. It is my honor to present this award this year.

This year, the award for Distinguished Meritorious Service goes to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to public service spanning over 25 years. She has made a critical contribution to strengthening and promoting civic participation through her leadership, her exceptional talent and skills, and her extra-ordinary work on our behalf.

In the presentation of these awards, it is traditional to begin with a listing of the many specific areas of participation (without revealing the name so that the members can know the awardee by her work)

  • Service on behalf of education and public schools --as PTA presidents and officers [Page/Arlington Traditional PTA: President, 1991/92; Officer/Committee Chair, 1987-2000]; County Council of PTAs [School Budget Committee Chair, 1992/93, 1993/94; Member 1994/95, 1995/96; Special Projects Chair, 1994/95]; Superintendent's Committees [Chairman, Superintendent's Task Force on Computers in the Schools, *1980-1982; Member, Superintendent's Budget Committee, 1997-2000; Member, Page Principal Selection Committee; Page Building-Level Advisory Committee; Arlington Traditional School Site Selection Committee; Arlington Traditional School Construction/Renovation Committee]; School Board-Appointed Committees [Member, Multi Site Selection Committee, 2007; Chairman, School Board Budget Advisory Council, 2000 - 20004; Chairman, Academic Computing Advisory Committee, *1983, 1984; Member six years; Member, Telecommunications Advisory Committee, *1978-1980; Member, Futures Citizens Committee, 1992/9]

  • Service for County Commissions and Committees - like Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee, 1996-2003; Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Computers and Telecommunications, 1985; Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Y2k Preparedness, 1999/2000.]

  • Service for Civic Associations as President, Executive Board and Committees [Lyon Village Citizens Association: President, 1998-2000; Clerk, 1996; Corresponding Secretary and Bulletin Editor, 1990-1991); many years as Chair and Co-Chair of variety of Lyon Village Citizens Association events (70th Anniversary Festival and Parade, Square Dances, Talent Shows) and on the Neighborhood Conservation /Traffic Committee; Lyon Village Community House: Board Member, 1983]

  • Service for the Civic Federation as delegates, committee participants and Committee Chairs; [Delegate from Lyon Village Civic Association; Co-Chair, Planning & Zoning Committee, 2000 to present; Member, Schools Committee, *1980s]

  • Service for Community issues like [Co-Founder of NoArlingtonStadium; Member, Arlingtonians for a Better County (ABC) and Chairman, Development Forum "Development in Arlington: What Kind of Community Are We Building;" ABC Newsletter Editor, 1999-2000; Spotlight on Arlington Schools: Editorial Board, 1996-199; Lyon Village Citizens for Better Schools: Member, 1986-1989

  • Service for Youth organizations - [Arlington Girls Softball Association: Co-Founder & Secretary, 1994-1998; Commissioner 1996-1998; Girl Scout Leader, *1989]

This year's recipient's service includes all of these areas I have named and more. But - most of all -- -you will know her by how she has raised the level of the discussion and strengthened the civil and civic discourse in everything she has done and continues to do.

She is known for her:

  • Thorough and objective attention to the detail of complex issues,

  • Tenacity in the pursuit of the facts,

  • Questions and research that help us all go beyond our common assumptions,

  • Skill in using strategic analysis to identify key issues and decision points,

  • Agility in producing prodigious work and amazing presentations in short time frames,

  • Clear and objective communication,

  • Talent at framing issues to facilitate participation and representation of diverse perspectives,

  • Skill in identifying areas of common interest; areas of disagreement; and practical options that the leverage areas of agreement to promote solutions that overcome disagreements,

  • Creative insights and "out of the box" thinking

This dedication, vision; these talents, skills, insights - exemplify the civic leadership and strong civic activism that this award is intended to recognize.

It is with great pleasure that I present this award for Distinguished Meritorious Service to Martha Moore.

Please join me in expressing our deep appreciation to Martha for her significant and continuing contributions to our community.

Certificate of Special Recognition

David Bell, Clerk of the Court

Jackie Snelling presents the award to Dave
He got a standing ovation for his long service to Arlington. He is retiring at the end of the year.

Certificates of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

Burt Bostwick

Jackie Snelling presents the certificate to Burt

Certificate of Appreciation

Stan Karson

Jackie Snelling presents the award to Stan

Certificate of Appreciation

Eileen Williams

Jackie Snelling presents the award to Eileen

We were pleased to have long-time delegate Hershel Kanter and his wife Ruth.

Our thanks to the Banquet Committee!

Frances Finta and Stan Karson, Co-Chairs

Anna Medlen

Jean Mostrom

William Munson

Mary Van Fossen

This page was last revised on: April 8, 2007.
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