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Arlington County Civic Federation The Civic Voice of Arlington, Virginia

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

Arlington County Civic Federation Members

Members 2011-2012 Members 08-09 Member Websites

2011-2012 ACCF Members (Web pages are linked if available)

Alcova Heights Citizens Association
Alcova Heights is the neighborhood between Glebe Road, George Mason Drive, Arlington Boulevard and Columbia Pike. It was orignially named for ALexandria COunty VA, which was Arlington County's name prior to 1920. The association took on new life in the mid-90s, and is presently an active group eager to connect and collaborate with the greater community. Among other features, they publish the monthly Third District Police Report.

AHS The Alliance for Housing Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to increase the supply of affordable housing in Arlington County and Northern Virginia through research, public education, and advocacy.

American Association of University Women
One of the Federation's functional organizations rather than a neighborhood association. AAUW has been around a long time, and its members contribute generously of their time to the Federation.

Arlington Coalition of Police
Another functional community organization member, with their membership made up of Arlington police officers. Among other interesting pages they have one on member benefits.

Arlington County Taxpayers Association
A group of voters who are concerned about how their taxes are being spent, and often not happy about it! Their newsletter, The Watchdog, has some of Arlington's best political cartoons, and its title says a lot about the organization's philosophy.

Arlington-East Falls Church Civic Association
The neighborhood lying at Arlington's northwest corner, spanning both sides of I-66. Their page has meeting notices, a map, newsletters, and info on their Neighborhood Conservation Plan.

Arlington Education Association
An association of Arlington's teachers and education professionals.

Arlington Forest Citizens Association
The neighborhood lying on both sides of Arlington Boulevard where Lubber Run and Park Drive cross.

Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance
An active organization representing the interests of Arlington's gay and lesbian community.

Arlington Heights
The neighborhood bounded by Glebe Road, Arlington Boulevard, Walter Reed Drive and Columbia Pike. A colorful page with photographs, newsletters, park plans, bylaws and more.

Arlington Heritage Alliance
AHA was founded in 1989 to promote the preservation and creative use of sites of historic, architectural, natural, and cultural resources with local and/or national significance within Arlington County.

Arlington Interfaith Council
The mission of the Arlington Interfaith Council is to provide a tangible religious witness in the community through promotion of understanding and cooperation among member congregations and to develop and support programs to alleviate suffering and promote justice for residents of Arlington.

Arlington Ridge Civic Association
The neighborhood bounded roughly on the north and east by Army Navy Drive, and on the south by South Joyce Street, 26th Street, and Fort Scott Park.

Arlington View

Arlington Dogs
Arlington's organized dog owners, with a unique Web page featuring . . . dogs!

Arlingwood Civic Association
Arlingwood (map only) is located above Chain Bridge, where Glebe Road climbs up from the river into Arlington.

Ashton Heights
Bounded by Wilson Boulevard, N. 10th Street, N. Irving Street, Arlington Boulevard (Route 50), and Glebe Road. The neighborhood originated in the late 1910�s as a train suburb around the Clarendon electric trolley station.

The Astoria Condominium
The Astoria is at 2100 Lee Highway.

Aurora Highlands Civic Association
Aurora Highlands comprises Virginia Highlands, Addison Heights, and Aurora Hills subdivisions. The neighborhood is bounded by Army-Navy Drive on the north, S. Glebe Road to the south, Eads Street on the east, and Joyce Street to the west. The web site contains information about location and history, community places, issues, and the Aurora Highlands Civic Association.

The Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association
Another Arlington neighborhood, with a "legacy" Web page going well beyond the usual neighborhood coverage and featuring a virtual encyclopedia of Arlington info, including Civic Federation stuff and extensive texts of documents from the latter half of the 1990's.

The Barcroft School and Civic League
Arlington's first neighborhood home page came up in February of 1995. On it you will find Barcroft events, history, issues, press coverage and a description of the Barcroft Community House, built in 1908. You will also find a page on the neighborhood's Centennial Celebration in 2003.

Bellevue Forest Civic Association
A North Arlington neighborhood stretching along the river side of Military Road from Potomac Overlook Park to Gulf Branch. Their historical page is unique and worth a look, since the late Arlington historian Eleanor Lee Templeman was a resident of the neighborhood.

Black Oak Cluster Community Association
Black Oak Cluster, also known as "Black Oaks," is a community of 39 two-story single-family homes located on four culs-de-sac off North Albemarle Street, next to Jamestown Elementary School, in Arlington, Virginia. Black Oaks was built in the 1970's on one of the last tracts of oak forest in North Arlington; it was the first cluster development of single-family homes approved by Arlington County.

Bluemont Civic Association
Bluemont is the neighborhood west of Ballston mall, with several sections centered around the intersection of Wilson Boulevard and George Mason Drive. They have a nice page that is particularly good for the latest on I-66 issues.

Boulevard Manor Civic Association
Boulevard Manor lies between Arlington Boulevard and Wilson Boulevard, Four Mile Run and the Arlington County line. Here is a map. Their Web site is a parked domain name waiting to be developed.

Buckingham Community Civic Association
Buckingham is an historic garden apartment complex centered around Glebe Road and Pershing Drive. Here is a map.

BRAVO (Buyers and Renters Arlington Voice)
Buyers and Renters Arlington Voice�s (BRAVO) main purpose is to educate and assist low and moderate income tenants in Arlington, Virginia. The organization�s mission is to advance and defend the rights and interests of Arlington�s tenants by empowering them and working together to preserve affordable housing and the economic and cultural diversity of the community.

The Carlton Condominium Association.
The Carlton is located at 4600 South Four Mile Run Drive.

Cathcart Springs Homeowners Association
Cathcart Springs is a townhouse development located at George Mason Drive and 4th Road North.

The Center for Urban Education
CUE has no Web site.

Chain Bridge Forest Civic Association
Chain Bridge Forest is located on the north west side of North Glebe Road near Chain Bridge. Here is a map.

The Chatham Condominium Unit Owners' Association
The Chatham is located at 4501 Arlington Boulevard.

Cherrydale Citizens Association
Cherrydale is one of Arlington's oldest neighborhoods, between Lee Highway and I-66, Spout Run and up the hill past Quincy Street.

The Civic Coalition for Minority Affairs
The CCMA is a council of representatives from civic, religious and social organizations of Northern Virginia. The group fosters high academic achievement through its annual awards ceremony honoring outstanding African-American students in the fourth, seventh and eleventh grades. Coalition member organizations include: Arlington Community Action Program, Inc.; Arlington Public Schools; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Ethiopian Community Development Center; Langston-Brown Civic Association; Mt. Zion Baptist Church; National Council of Negro Women; Nauck Civic Association; and Second Baptist Church.

Claremont Citizens Association
Claremont lies between George Mason Drive on the west, Walter Reed Drive on the east, Leesburg Pike (Rt. 7) on the south, and Four Mile Run on the north.

Clarendon-Courthouse Civic Association
(formerly Courtlands Civic Association) A north Arlington neighborhood including residences between Courthouse Road, 10th Street, Fairfax Drive, and Wilson Boulevard. Here is a map.

Colonial Village II
Colonial Village II, is part of the historic Colonial Village area of Arlington, Virginia.

Columbia Forest Civic Association
Located between Columbia Pike and George Mason Drive, Four Mile Run and Jefferson Street. The neighborhood has been very active on Neighborhood Conservation and Columbia Pike issues. Here is a map.

Columbia Heights Civic Association
Columbia Heights is bordered by Columbia Pike to the north, 16th Street to the south, Rolfe Street to the east and Walter Reed Drive to the West. They have their Neighborhood Conservation survey, bylaws and an on-line membership form on the Web site.

Columbia Heights West Civic Association
Here is a map.

Dominion Hills Civic Association
Dominion Hills is located between I-66 on the north, Wilson Boulevard on the south, Four Mile Run on the east and N. McKinley Rd/N. Ohio St. on the west. The Web site has their Neighborhood Conservation Plan, newsletters, events, listserv instructions and more.

Donaldson Run Civic Association
The area near Donaldson Run, between Old Dominion and Military Road. Their Web site has interesting info on their Citizen Speed Watch Program, a radio emission report, an Interest Survey, a Stream Pollution Incident and Neighborhood Day, among others.

Douglas Park Civic Association
Bounded by Glebe Road, Columbia Pike, Four Mile Run Drive and Walter Reed Drive. Includes Barcroft Apartments.

Dover-Crystal Citizens Association
Dover-Crystal is located in North Arlington between Nelly Custis Drive, N. Randolph Street, the Parkway and Windy Run. Here is a map.

Fairlington Citizens Association
Fairlington is the neighborhood of townhouses constructed during World War II, located astride I-395 at Shirlington. It has seven villages, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmark Register.

Forest Glen Civic Association
Forest Glen is located in South Arlington between 7th Road S. and Glencarlyn Park. Here is a map.

Foxcroft Heights Neighborhood Association
Foxcroft Heights is located in South Arlington between Columbia Pike and Arlington Cemetery, just east of Washington Boulevard. Here is a map.

Frederick Courts Condominium Association
Frederick Courts is located at 5104 Columbia Pike, just west of Four Mile Run.

Friends of Arlington Parks
Friends of Arlington Parks is a group of private citizens who share an interest in preserving and extending the Arlington public park system.

Friends of the Arlington Campus/George Mason University
The Friends do not have a Web page.

Glebewood Civic Association
Glebewood is a townhouse area is located near the intersection of Glebe Road and Lee Highway. Here is a map.

Glencarlyn Citizens Association
One of Arlington's oldest neighborhoods, Glencarlyn is located in South Arlington between Four Mile Run and Carlin Springs Road, Arlington Boulevard and Long Branch.

Gulf Branch Civic Association
Gulf Branch is located where the stream of that name crosses Military Road. Here is a map.

Highland Park - Overlee Knolls Civic Association
A nice site for this North Arlington neighborhood with newsletters, bylaws, history, meeting dates, map, officers and more.

Hyde Park Condominium Association
Hyde Park is located at Glebe Road and N. Henderson St. The Web site has info on units for sale and rent, and nice photos of a house tour.

John M Langston Citizens Association
Representing the Residents of Hall's Hill, High View Park, Dorsey Woods, Tara Towne, and Tara Manor

League of Women Voters of Arlington VA Inc.
The Arlington Branch of AAUW, the American Association of University Women, chartered in 1944, promotes equity for women and girls, lifelong education,and active community involvement. Members raise funds for grants and scholarships, legal support for women challenging sex discrimination, research, and awards for educators and for the arts in Arlington.

Leeway Overlee Civic Association
A North Arlington neighborhood. Their page has newsletters, officers, and information on upcoming meetings.

Long Branch Civic Association
Long Branch is located in a triangle mainly between Army Navy Drive, Glebe Road and Gunston Middle School. Here is a map.

Lyon Park Citizens Association
Lyon Park is bounded on the east and south by Arlington Boulevard, on the north by North 10th Street and on the west by North Irving Street. Here is a map.

Lyon Village Citizens' Association
Lyon Village is located between Rosslyn and Kirkwood Road, and between Lee Highway and Wilson Boulevard. Their page is a treat, with more features and slicker presentation than the rest of us. You can enter a want ad, or a meeting notice, and it is automatically posted. But is has ads, too. Worth a look.

Maywood Community Association
Maywood is located between Lee Highway, Spout Run, Lorcom Lane and N. Pollard/Vacation Lane. Here is a map and an informal photo montage of the neighborhood.

Madison Manor Citizens Association
A North Arlington neighborhood with a very attractive Web page that includes an explanation of each of their annual events and a calendar for the whole year.

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Chapter 7, Arlington.
The Arlington chapter of an organization whose mission is to protect and improve the retirement benefits of federal retirees, employees and their families.

Nauck Civic Association
Nauck is mostly located in a triangle along Glebe Road, Walter Reed Drive and Nauck Park/Army-Navy County Club. Here is a map. And here is the neighborhood's listserv.

North Highlands Citizens Association
North Highlands is located between Lee Highway and I-66/Spout Run from Rosslyn westward to N. Cleveland St. Here is a map.

North Rosslyn Civic Association
Representing the Rosslyn neighborhood located north of Wilson Boulevard, east of Quinn Street and south of Lee Highway. Here is a map.

Old Dominion Citizens Association
Old Dominion is located on both sides of Old Dominion Drive and Glebe Road, from Lee Highway to about 26th St N. Here is a map.

Old Glebe Civic Association A North Arlington neighborhood along the east side of Glebe Road from 36th St N to Military Road and including all of Old Glebe Road. Another original neighborhood page design, nicely done.

Organized Women Voters of Arlington

Penrose Civic Association
(Formerly Central Arlington Civic Association) A South Arlington neighborhood bounded by Washington Boulevard, Arlington Boulevard, Walter Reed Drive/Fillmore Street and Columbia Pike. The Web site has info on meetings, officers, schools, parks, events and more.

Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights Civic Association .
Representing the area overlooking Rosslyn and the Potomac, with a Web site that features nice photos of their spectacular views of DC.

Rivercrest Civic Association
Rivercrest is located north of Military Road between Glebe Road and 36th Rd N. Here is a map.

Rock Spring Civic Association
The Rock Spring Civic Association site has info about RSCA projects and developments in the area as well as past information about the association.

Spout Run Homeowners Association
Spout Run is a townhouse development centered around the 2100 block of 21st Court North. Here is a map.

Tara-Leeway Heights Civic Association
Tara-Leeway includes most of the homes roughly south of Lee Highway, north of Washington Boulevard, west of George Mason Drive and east of Jefferson/Lexington Streets.

Waverly Hills Civic Association
Waverly Hills is the North Arlington neighborhood between Glebe Road and N. Utah Street and between I-66 and Lee Highway.

Waycroft-Woodlawn Civic Association
A North Arlington neighborhood bounded roughly by Glebe, George Mason, I-66 and 17th St. N. As their Web page puts it, "its well-deserved moniker as the "Garden Spot of Arlington" stems from a unique, almost magical atmosphere created by a plethora of towering trees, abundance of natural wildlife, and wide variety of established flora and fauna."

Westover Village Civic Association
In addition to the usual civic association Web features, Westover has some nice historic photos, a page of volunteer opportunities, classifieds, a message board and a link to a chat group.

Westwind Homeowners Association
The Westwind townhouses are located at George Mason Drive and I-66. Here is a map.

Williamsburg Civic Association
Williamsburg is in Arlington's northwest corner, centered around the area where Williamsburg Boulevard meets Sycamore, Great Falls Road and N. Powhatan St. It includes Minor Hill Park and Nottingham Elementary School. For boundaries, see the map on their site.

Woodmont Civic Association
Woodmont is located between Lorcom Lane and the Parkway, and was formerly known as Parkway Civic Association. Here is a map.

Yorktown Civic Association
Yorktown lies betweeb Lee Highway on the south, Old Dominion Drive to the east, Little Falls Rd. and Rock Spring Rd. on the north, and N. Jefferson St. to the west. Their Web site is pleasingly laid out and easy to navigate with tabs and buttons including history, newsletters, issues and a section where officers can log in for additional access.

Some neighborhoods and organizations that are not Federation members

Arlington Historical Society
Preserving Arlington's rich history by operating a museum, maintaining a historic colonial home, publishing a journal of articles on Arlington's history, lobbying for historic preservation efforts, holding monthly meetings on topics of interest related to Arlington history and more.

Delta Kappa Gamma
The Arlington chapter of an organization formed in 1929 to promote women in education and bring recognition and respect to their profession.

Forest Hills Community Association
Forest Hills is located in South Arlington between Army Navy Drive and Arlington Ridge.Here is a map.

This page was last revised on: July 24, 2012.
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