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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

2007-2008 Committee Reports

Submitted for the June 2008 Meeting

Standing Committees:

Bylaws Community Relations Cultural Affairs Environmental Affairs Housing Legislation Membership
Parks and Recreation Planning and Zoning Public Services Revenues and Expenditures Schools Special Events Transportation

Other Responsibilities:

Awards Audit Nominating


Airport Issues Public Preparedness 9/11 Scholarships

    Awards Committee


    Audit Committee


    Bylaws Committee


    Community Relations

    Chair(s)/Representative: Adam Croswell

    Cultural Affairs

    Chair(s)/Representative: Nancy Kilpatrick

    The Cultural Affairs Committee reconstituted with members Mileva Hartman, Terri Prell and David Ryan- and Chair, Nancy Kilpatrick. They met on January 10 to revisit the mission and discuss possible activities. Several members attended the December 12 meeting of the Arlington Committee of 100 to hear presentations by David Robertson, Executive Director of the Council of Governments, Norma Kaplan, Director of Arlington�s Cultural Affairs Division, and Eric Schaeffer, Artistic Director and Co-founder of Signature Theatre. The Committee drew the attention of the larger Arlington County Civic Federation to the arts in Arlington with a short announcement in the February 2008 Civic Voice, directing members to the ACCF website for links to local cultural offerings.

    Environmental Affairs

    Chair(s)/Representative: Larry Finch

    Environmental Affairs Committee Annual Report 2007-2008

    During this period, the Environmental Affairs Committee has focused on the environmental benefits of Arlington's trees. These include removing pollutants from the air, reducing air temperatures, and reducing energy consumption for cooling buildings in the summer.

    It is significant that only mature trees provide these environmental benefits. Each newly-planted tree requires several decades to replace a mature tree that is lost. As a result, both tree preservation and planting are important.

    The committee looked at trends in Arlington's tree canopy, which has been declining for several decades. We learned that tree canopy is lost primarily on private property -- and that most planting spaces are also on private property

    With assistance from Jamie Bartalon, Landscape and Forestry Supervisor in Arlington's Parks and Natural Resources Division, the committee took a close look at state tree conservation legislation enacted earlier this year. The new law applies to Northern Virginia jurisdictions (including Arlington) that are classified as ozone "non-attainment areas" under the Clean Air Act.

    For development projects, the new legislation sets 20-year tree canopy goals ranging from 10% for properties zoned commercial/industrial to 30% for residential properties zoned two or fewer units per acre. When trees are already present, the new law provides for a portion of the tree canopy goals to be met through tree preservation. Builders also get extra canopy credit for preserving existing trees. The committee found it interesting that the new legislation had been endorsed by both the urban forestry community and Northern Virginia builders.

    The committee focused especially on outreach and education, which are critical tools for improving the tree canopy situation. We examined several of Arlington's outreach efforts related to trees, such as the annual Arbor Day Celebration and the Neighborhood Day tree giveaway.

    A new program that is expected to have major significance over the long term is the Tree Canopy Fund. This program provides a mechanism for neighborhood groups and community organizations to receive funding for planting trees on private property and for educating residents on the value and stewardship of trees. Funds will come from developer contributions, based on the number of replacement trees not included in site plans.

    Civic associations and other organizations will apply for funds under the Tree Canopy Fund. A grant review committee will determine which projects qualify, with preference given to projects that maximize environmental benefits though tree canopy enhancements and satisfy unmet neighborhood needs.

    The committee has not proposed any resolutions based on these activities, but we may do that later this year, as the County begins to implement the new state tree conservation legislation and the Tree Canopy Fund. .

    The committee plans to turn its attention next to the County's recycling program to see how it is operating and where there may be room for improvement. An example of a possible improvement would be to begin recycling some widely used plastics that currently end up in the trash.

    Active members of the Environmental Affairs Committee include Bob Deason, Peg Nelson, Paul Nelson and Larry Finch. The committee would welcome new members with an interest in environmental issues.


    Chair(s)/Representative: Kathryn Scruggs 703-536-9148


    Chair(s)/Representative: Tim Wise 703-243-8345


    Chair(s)/Representative: Frances Finta 703-528-2882 (no email)

    The Membership Committee, consisting of Anna Medlen, Betty Vertiz and Chairman Frances Finta, participated in one telephone polling as they conducted the business of the Membership Committee. Five groups, contacted the Chairman requesting information about the Federation, how to join the Federation and/or how to organize a civic association. One organization, listed below, joined the Federation.

    In addition to presenting applications for membership to the Membership Committee and the Federation body, the Chairman functions as a source of information to those interested in joining the Federation, establishing civic groups and/or acquiring information about the Federation. The Membership Committee Chairman has instructional guidelines on how to establish a civic association and how to join the Arlington County Civic Federation available for those who want them. Civic associations are not required to join the Federation but it is necessary for the Federation to approve an association's boundaries. The Chairman then submits the association's name and boundaries to Ms. Maria Voultsides, Clerk of the Arlington County Board, for placement on the County issued Civic Association map.

    One new organization was admitted to the Federation during this fiscal year. It is: 1. Townes of Courthouse Hill Homeowners Association, February 5, 2008.

    Two organizations resigned. They are: 1. Forest Hills Community Association, admitted April 2, 2002, resigned January 29, 2008, 2. (The) Friends of the Arlington Public Library, admitted February 4, 1997, resigned June 30, 2007.

    As of this date, the Federation consists of eighty-two (82) organizations. Delegate attendance, number of associations represented at the monthly meetings, and the number of visitors who signed in can be found in the accompanying chart. Monthly programs are also listed. The number of delegates attending meetings ranged from nineteen (19) to seventy-five (75). The average delegate attendance was fifty-three (53). The number of organizations represented at meetings ranged from nineteen (19) to forty-seven (47). The percentage of organizations represented ranged from twenty-four percent (24%) to fifty-eight percent (58%).

    On Candidates' Night, when those delegates or alternate delegates who wish to ask questions of panelists are asked to "place their names in a box," committee members handle the task of identifying delegates. They also help with other operational tasks.

    The Chairman maintained the delegate roster, printed all mail labels, prepared the Newsletter for mailing, mailed the Newsletter and published the annual delegate roster. To do so, the Chairman sent to each member organization a request for an updated list of delegates. At the same time, the Chairman, in cooperation with the Federation Treasurer, mailed the annual dues request. The Chairman sent copies of the Federation Bylaws and other descriptive materials to all new presidents of member organizations. The Chairman maintained meeting attendance records and maintained a file of organizations that are or have been known to be members of the Federation.

    Parks and Recreation Committee

    Chair(s)/Representative: Jay Jacob Wind

    Planning and Zoning

    Co-Chair(s)/Representative: William Gearhart 703-522-2276, Martha Moore 703-527-3782

    Public Services

    Chair(s)/Representative: Mike Kerley

    Arlington County Civic Federation - Public Services Committee

    Annual Report - June 1, 2007 to June 3, 2008

    Robert Atkins (Bluemont), Wren Gurney (American Association of University Women), Stan Karson (Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights), Mike Kerley (chair) (Arlington Forest), Amy Levin (Aurora Highlands), Larry Mayer (Lyon Park), Jim Pebley (Waycroft-Woodlawn), Jackie Snelling (Lyon Village), and Eileen Williams (League of Women Voters)

    1. Planned meeting programs:

  • Code Enforcement - November 2007 (joint with Planning and Zoning Committee)
  • Food Safety - March 2008
  • Information Technology Advisory Commission - June 2008

    2. Studied and reported on motions:

  • Sidewalk snow removal - recommended by committee and passed as resolution November 2007
  • Rosslyn Central Place Observation Deck - recommended by committee and passed as resolution March 2008
  • Exotic animals - not recommended by committee; a substitute motion is referred to the Environmental Affairs Committee June 2008

    3. Participated in Arlington County advisory groups:

  • Citizens Corps Council
  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • Department of Human Services, Public Health Department - Managing Action through Partnerships and Planning
  • Information Technology Advisory Commission
  • Police Chief's Advisory Council

    Revenue and Expenditues

    Chair(s)/Representative: Burt Bostwick


    Chair(s)/Representative: Jim Pebley 703-525-0766, Frances Finta 703-528-2882 (no email)

    The ARLINGTON COUNTY SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR TEACHERS, INC. was established in 1955. The Fund awards scholarships to students who are "members of the June graduating class of an accredited public high school located in Arlington County . . . [who] have shown a genuine interest in the field of education and plan a career in that field . . . "

    The Arlington County Civic Federation has been a sponsor of the Fund for its entire fifty-three (53) year existence. Other sponsors are the Arlington County Public Schools, the Arlington Education Association, the Arlington County Council of Parent Teacher Associations and the Arlington Retired Teachers Association. Funds are contributed by the sponsors, individual school PTAs, memorial gifts and private individuals. This year, the Federation contribution was two hundred dollars ($200.00).

    In 2008, ten (10) two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) scholarships were awarded. Four (4) winners were from Washington-Lee, two (2) from Yorktown, three (3) from Wakefield and one (1) from the Hoffman/Boston- Woodlawn Program. Scholarship winners were announced at the Arlington County Council of PTAs Reception held May 19, 2008 at the Arlington Schools Career Center.

    Federation delegates to the Scholarship Committee are Frances Finta and Roye Lowry

    The recipients, the name of their scholarships, the Arlington schools each attended, the college each will attend and area of education each will pursue are:

    1. Corey Anklam. Arlington Retired Teachers Association Scholarship. Abingdon Elementary School, Kenmore Middle School, Washington-Lee High School. College: Soka University (Aliso Viejo, CA) or Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA). Secondary Education. Major: History, Geography, Government.

    2. Adanech Balcha. Arlington Retired Teachers Association Scholarship. Yorktown High School. George Mason University (Fairfax, VA). Secondary Education. Major: French.

    3. Amanda Eatmon. Arlington County Council of PTAs Scholarship. Glebe Elementary School, Jefferson Middle School, Wakefield High School. Trinity University (Washington, D. C.). Elementary Special Education including Sign Language.

    4. Malake Jabbara. Arlington Retired Teachers Association Scholarship. Glencarlyn Elementary School, Kenmore Middle School, Wakefield High School. University of Mary Washington (Fredericksburg, VA). Secondary Education. Major: Counseling or Special Education.

    5. Jessica Kelley. Washington- Lee High School PTA and Arlington Retired Teachers Association Scholarship. The latter in memory of Mrs. Doris Matthews, a former Stratford Junior High School and Washington-Lee High School Assistant Principal. Swanson Middle School, Washington-Lee High School. College: University of Richmond (Richmond, VA). Secondary Education. Major: History.

    6. Allison Miller. Arlington Retired Teachers Association Scholarship in memory of Mrs. Adele Lang, a former Stratford Junior High School Guidance Counselor. Hoffman-Boston Middle School Program, Hoffman- Boston Secondary School Program. Pomona College (Claremont, CA). Secondary Education. Major: Mathematics

    7. Katherine Olson. Arlington County Scholarship Fund for Teachers, Inc. Scholarship in memory of Mrs. Georgia Harris, a former reading specialist at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School. Taylor Elementary School, Swanson Middle School, Washington-Lee High School. College: University of Rochester (Rochester, NY). Elementary Education.

    8. Erin Turvey. Arlington County Council of PTAs Scholarship. Tuckahoe Elementary School, Swanson Middle School, Yorktown High School. Juniata College (Huntingdon, PA). Elementary Education.

    9. Kelly Tynan. Arlington Retired Teachers Association Scholarship in memory of Mrs. Virginia White, a former Randolph Elementary School teacher. Swanson Middle School, Washington-Lee High School. Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS). Elementary or Special Education.

    10. Flor De Maria Vargas-Stevez. Arlington County Scholarship Fund for Teachers, Inc. Scholarship in memory of Mrs. Georgia Harris, a former reading specialist at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School. Wakefield High School. College: Morovia College (Bethlehem, PA). Secondary Education. Major: Science (Biology or Chemistry).

    Schools Committee

    Chair(s)/Representative: Beth Wolffe 703-536-1654

    Special Events

    Chair(s)/Representative: Frances Finta - 703-528-2882 (no email)


    Co-Chair(s)/Representative: Jerry Auten 703-536-5365, Ed Parks

    This page was last revised on: July 8, 2008.
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