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Arlington County Civic Federation The Civic Voice of Arlington, Virginia

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

2009-2010 Committee Reports

Submitted for the June 2010 Meeting

Standing Committees:

Bylaws Community Relations Cultural Affairs Environmental Affairs Housing Legislation Membership
Parks and Recreation Planning and Zoning Public Services Revenues and Expenditures Schools Special Events Transportation

Other Responsibilities:

Awards Audit Nominating


Airport Public Preparedness 9/11 Scholarships

    Airport Committee

    Chair: Steven Geiger

    ACCF delegates voted to form the Airport Committee from the adhoc Airport Issues Committee at the December 6, 2009 monthly meeting. The Airport Committee has been active in interacting with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) as well as the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) Aviation Policy Committee (APC) and members of other jurisdictions in the metropolitan Washington region. In addition, the Airport Committee is represented on a Helicopter Working Group, which was developed under the APC to investigate noise issues relating to low flying helicopters.

    Results of the Airport Committee activities are the development and participation in aviation-related forums and discussions as to how the APC Helicopter Task Group could achieve goals of interacting with military representatives to address helicopter noise issues.

    Meetings with the MWAA and APC were used to develop three one-day forums on issues relevant to the aviation in the Washington DC area:

    � Aviation and Economic Impact Forum (held January 19, 2010)F � 2010 Aviation Policy Forum (held March 15, 2010)

    � Helicopter and Community Forum (TBA)

    The first two forums brought together community and professional experts to discuss the impact of airports on the region from an economic perspective, as well as discussing with representatives from other US regions as to how they interact with their respective airports.

    The Helicopter Working Group of the MWCOG Aviation Policy Committee discussed how to approach the military, and agreed that a MWCOG representative will contact a senior military official to open channels for discussing military helicopter operations that result in excess noise over residential areas.

    Airport Committee members communicate through a Yahoo Groups website (ACCF-Airport-Issues). There are currently 45 people registered on this website, however, the most active members of the Airport Committee are: Jerry Auten, ACCF Transportation Committee Chair; Rick Frisbee, Chain Bridge Forest Civic Association; Steve Geiger, ACCF Airport Committee Chair; Ed Hilz, Fairlington Citizens Association and APC Helicopter Task Group Chair; Larry Mayer, Lyon Park Citizens Association; and Joe Pelton, Chain Bridge Forest Civic Association

    Awards Committee

    Chair(s)/Representative: Martha Moore 703-527-3782

    See 2010 banquet program for list of awards

    Audit Committee

    Chair(s)/Representative: open

    Bylaws Committee

    Chair(s)/Representative: Jean Mostrom (no email) 703-532-0452

    Community Relations

    Chair(s)/Representative: Sharon Rogers

    Cultural Affairs

    Chair(s)/Representative: Terri Prell

    The Cultural Affairs Committee met April 20, 2010 to prepare for the May presentation to the ACCF. They reviewed issues and concerns of the Federation related to the arts. These issues were were passed on to the Chairman of the Arlington Commission for the Arts, John Seal, and the head of the Cultural Affairs division of Parks and Rec, Norman Kaplan, help them prepare for the visit.

    Committee members: Terri Prell, David Ryan, Amy Appelbaum, Barbara Olivere See May 2010 presentation on Artisphere Art Center

    Environmental Affairs

    Chair(s)/Representative: Larry Finch

    In October 2009, the committee reviewed the County�s experience with the first six months of the new single-stream curbside recycling program. Kristen Rannels (Solid Waste Bureau) previewed a presentation scheduled for the CivFed meeting on November 10 and noted suggestions from committee members.

    Another guest speaker at the same meeting was Dean Amel, who serves on the Environment and Energy Conservation Commission (E2C2) and the Urban Forestry Commission (UFC). He shared insights on key environmental issues the County faces, with topics ranging from energy conservation to preservation of natural resources.

    In March 2010, the committee met to discuss the health of Arlington streams. Aileen Winquist (Department of Environmental Services) described a variety of problems related to stream health, including erosion and chemical pollution. She noted that erosion is a common problem in urban areas because of surges of stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces. She explained how stream restoration can control erosion and improve stream health.

    In May 2010, the committee considered the use of LED technology for street lights. Shahid Abbas (Intelligent Transportation System and Traffic Signals Manager for the County) described the benefits of LED street lights and reviewed County plans for converting to that technology. Committee members were impressed by the environmental benefits and cost savings that could be achieved by accelerating conversion to LED units. Following this discussion, Joe Pelton drafted a resolution urging the County to consider accelerating the conversion process. The draft resolution was submitted at the June 2010 general meeting and referred to the Public Services Committee and the Revenues and Expenditures Committee for review. It will be acted on in September.

    Two members of the Environmental Affairs Committee are participating in the County�s Community Energy and Sustainability (CES) Task Force. Larry Finch represents the Federation on the task force and Joe Pelton is Technical Liaison for the Information Technology Advisory Commission, which he chairs.

    Committee members in 2009-2010 included Audrey Clement, Bob Deason, Scott Dicke, Larry Finch, Peg Nelson, Paul Nelson and Joe Pelton.


    Chair(s)/Representative: Kathryn Scruggs 703-536-9148

    Housing Committee for 2009-2010: Betty Hill, June Hill, David Meistrich, John Swallow, Mark Antell, Stan Karson, Peter Owen, Susan Korfanty, Robin Renner, Larry Mayer, Mitzi Williams, Joe Wholey, Max Scruggs, Kathryn Scruggs

    The Housing Committee met in September to finalize plans for the October 6 panel presentation on preserving and developing affordable housing in Arlington. Jack Cornman of the Alliance for Housing Solutions (AHS), Bill Fogarty of the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH), Lois Athey from the Buckingham Tenants Association (BU-GATA) and Stan Karson, President of Radnor-Ft. Myer Heights Civic Association addressed efforts responding to the continuing loss of such housing in our community.

    Beginning in November the Committee met to discuss ways to improve Code Enforcement in the county. Suggestions were solicited from civic and community groups. In collaboration with the Planning and Zoning and Public Service Committees a program was planned for May 4. The Housing Committee continued to meet between January and April to plan the program as well as to discuss and vote on the proposed County budgeting for affordable housing support. The position of the Committee on the budget was presented to the Revenues and Expenditures Committee by Chair Scruggs and member Susan Korfanty.

    In preparation for the May program twelve questions were drafted and Housing Committee Chair Scruggs discussed these with Susan Bell. Following Ms. Bell's powerpoint presentation she and representatives from the Police and Fire Departments answered questions from the Committees and from the floor. The Housing Committee met in May to discuss follow-up to the presentation. Chair Scruggs will meet again with Ms. Bell. The Housing Committee would like to see a pilot program for training citizen volunteers to assist proactive code enforcement as done in Fairfax and Prince William.

    See May 2010 presentation on Code Enforcement

    Kathryn Scruggs, Chair, Housing Committee, 5/29/10


    Chair(s)/Representative: Peter Owen

    Committee members: Peter Owen � Chair; Robert Atkins; Jerry Auten; Tom Connally; Peg Hogan; Barbara Olivere; Stuart Raphael; Tim Wise

    Activities and Programs: The Legislation Committee met once in early Fall, 2009, and conducted the remainder of its deliberations by e-mail.

    The Committee prepared two programs for the Civic Federation. One was on legislative redistricting in Fall 2009, and the other was on the annual panel from the state delegation in Winter 2010.

    The Committee determined not to pursue a comprehensive legislative package, instead relying on the existing positions of the Federation (see 2009 Legislative Package with votes -- latest available).

    The Committee received one referral from the membership on the subject of utility poles interfering with pedestrian passage. The in the Spring of 2010, the Committee chairman opened consultation with County staff to investigate what sort of legislation would be helpful, but is still awaiting a useful reply.


    Chair(s)/Representative: Mileva Hartman 703-841-9287

    Members of the 2010 Membership Committee were Jeanette Bean, Anna Medlen, Eileen Williams and Chair, Mileva Hartman. The Committee is charged with the review and determination of action for inquiries concerning membership and assisting with the general meetings as requested by the President.

    In addition to presenting applications for membership to the Membership Committee and the Federation body, the Chairman functions as a source of information to those interested in joining the Federation, establishing civic groups and/or acquiring information about the Federation. Two organizations joined the Federation during the 2009-2010 fiscal year: BRAVO and Penrose Neighborhood Association. The Federation lost two member organizations: Arlington Citizens for the Arts and the Arlington Housing Corporation. Arlington Citizens for the Arts was dropped at its request, stating it was inactive and without leadership or meetings at this time. Following a review of membership eligibility by the Executive Committee, the Arlington Housing Corporation�s membership was not renewed. As of June 1, 2010, the Federation consists of eighty-one (81) organizations.

    The Membership Chairman is responsible maintenance of the Access database and the distribution of the monthly newsletter. The Chairman maintains the email address list on the Civic Voice List Serve, which is used expressly for the purpose of emailing the monthly newsletter. As of June 1, 2010, the List Serve contains 615 email addresses. This represents an increase of almost 100 additional email addresses over last year. Members without email access may receive hard copies of the newsletter. At present, only 30 newsletters are now mailed to delegates (upon their request).

    Delegates are requested to sign in when attending monthly meetings. Delegate attendance by organization represented at the monthly meetings can be found in the 2009-2010 Attendance Summary chart.

    Parks and Recreation Committee

    Chair(s)/Representative: Jay Jacob Wind

    Participants: Mark Antell, Burt Bostwick, Richard Epstein, Larry Finch, Estelle Roth, Jay Jacob Wind

    In October 2009, in response to Arlington's County's reprogramming of park bond funds to Artisphere, we recommended this resolution to Civic Federation: "BE IT RESOLVED THAT: a. (1) the Arlington County Civic Federation calls upon the County Board to use funds approved by the voters for park land acquisition and other capital projects, for only the purposes described in the adopted CIP; and further b. (2) The Civic Federation urges the County Board to make park land acquisition a priority for bond funding in the FY11-FY16 CIP, to be adopted in the summer of 2010, so that the ability to make strategic land acquisitions is not impaired."

    The Civic Federation adopted the resolution by a narrow margin.

    In March-April 2010, Burt Bostwick represented Parks & Recreation Committee at budget analysis meetings conducted by Revenue & Expenditures Committee.

    We also discussed AHC's proposal to use a parcel of land currently devoted to community gardens as as a staging area for construction and remodeling of Key Boulevard Apartments and proposed merger of Arlington's two youth softball leagues, but we did not produce a draft resolution on either discussion.

    Planning and Zoning

    Co-Chair(s)/Representative: Larry Mayer 703-525-8921; Martha Moore 703-527-3782

    See May 2010 presentation on Code Enforcement

    Public Services

    Chair(s)/Representative: Sal D'Itri

    See May 2010 presentation on Code Enforcement

    Committee Members: Robert Atkins (Arlington County Taxpayers Association), Stan Karson (Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights), Sal D�Itri, Chair (Arlington Forest), Amy Levin (Aurora Highlands), Larry Mayer (Lyon Park), Jim Pebley (Waycroft-Woodlawn), Jackie Snelling (Lyon Village), and Eileen Williams (League of Women Voters), Portia Clark, (Nauck)

    1. Planned meeting programs: Provided questions and speakers for the May 4, 2010 program on Housing and Code Enforcement

    2. Participated in Arlington County advisory groups: (1) Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission; (2) Information Technology Advisory Commission; (3) Police Chief�s Advisory Council

    3. Committee Meetings: Held public meeting on April 20, 2010 at the Ballston Fire Station

    4. Special Events: May 11 2010 � Participated in Arlington County Fallen Officers Memorial Day ceremony

    Revenue and Expenditues

    Chair(s)/Representative: Wayne Kubicki

    See FY 2011 committee report on the County Manager�s Proposed FY11 Budget presented at the April 6, 2010 membership meeting.


    Chair(s)/Representative: Jim Pebley 703-525-0766

    Schools Committee

    Chair(s)/Representative: Cecelia Espenoza 703-536-1654

    See FY 2011 committee report on the County Manager�s Proposed FY11 Budget presented at the April 6, 2010 membership meeting.

    Committee members: Cecelia Espenoza � Chair; Michael Beers, Sal D�Itri, Tracey Funari, Anya Gan, Ted Hayes, Shelley Jennings, Michael Kerley, Laura Novak, Dale Procter, Michael Sheehan, Pat Spahn, and John Vihstadt.

    Activities and Programs: The Schools Committee conducted business through e-mail and telephone.

    The Committee prepared four programs for the Civic Federation. The first was a joint presentation by Superintendent Patrick Murphy and Acting County Manager Barbara Donellan. The second program was a panel presentation by the School Board where the Board provided a State of the Schools update and answered questions prepared by the committee and from the floor. The third program was on the proposed County Budget. See FY 2011 committee report on the County Manager�s Proposed FY11 Budget presented at the April 6, 2010 membership meeting and Recommendations on FY2010 Budget for Arlington Public Schools. The final program was on the Capital Improvement Plan, where Arlington Public Schools were represented by Assistant Superintendent Mary Beth Chambers and Bill O�Connor, Director, Design and Construction Services.

    Special Events

    Chair(s)/Representative: Peter Olivere

    See See 2010 banquet program for annual banquet details.

    The Special Events Committee conducted one event during the 2009-2010 year, the 94th Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony on April 16, 2010 at the Holiday Rosslyn Hotel. The guest speaker was Vivek Kundra is the Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States of America.

    Mileva Hartman chaired the Banquet committee and was provided considerable assistance in organizing and planning the event from Peter Olivere, Eileen Williams and Anna Medlen. Mary Van Fossen, Ed Hilz and Stanley Karson provided additional support at the banquet. Planning began in October 2009 and involved a number of discussions with the Executive Committee. All 118 seats were reserved for revenue totaling $4095; costs of meals and related hotel expenses were $3426 and invitations and programs $280 for a net banquet profit of $389. Associated non-banquet costs for awards and postage for invitations $299.

    The Committee began planning for the August 2010 Arlington County Fair in May getting a number of volunteers at the June meeting. ACCF member organizations will be contacted during June to provide information which will be available at the ACCF booth.


    Co-Chair(s)/Representative: Jerry Auten 703-536-5365

    This page was last revised on: July 12, 2010.
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