Communications Committee


[Charge Revised Febr 2024]
It shall be the duty of this committee to develop a communication plan to inform and engage Delegates, Alternates, Member Organizations, the media, and community organizations on a regular basis about Federation news, meetings, activities, programs, and events and to promote and advocate for adopted ACCF positions.

Members will include officers and individuals designated by the board with specific responsibilities related to communication including, but not limited to:

  • the Secretary responsible for the newsletter,
  • a Webmaster responsible for the website and other communications platforms such as Vimeo, Constant Contact and Zoom,
  • a Social Media coordinator responsible for Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and
  • a Membership Committee representative responsible for developing and supporting additional methods to augment communications by and for members,
  • a member technical support lead responsible for providing technical support to members for their internal communications.


Adam Henderson • email Adam

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