Membership Bylaws

Here is how our Bylaws read on Membership

Excerpt from the Bylaws of the Arlington County Civic Federation as amended 5 June 2018.



2.01(a).   To become a “Member Organization” of the Federation, an organization must first submit a completed application to the Federation.  Applications shall be referred to the Board of Directors (defined below), which shall make its recommendation to the Members (also defined below) at the next membership meeting.  The applicant may become a Member Organization provided it meets the following criteria:

2.01(a)(1).   It has at least twenty (20) members;

2.01(a)(2).   Its primary objective and principal work is consistent with the goals and purposes of the Federation specified in Section 1.02 of these Bylaws;

2.01(a)(3).   The application is approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Members present and voting at a meeting of the Members where quorum is established; and

2.01(a)(4).   The organization pays initial annual dues.

2.01(b).   The Members shall have sole discretion to reject an application to become a Member Organization, and will strive to prevent over-representation of any single community.

2.02(a).  Each Member Organization may designate:

2.02(a)(1).   Up to four (4) delegates to serve as “Voting Members” of the Federation;

2.02(a)(2).   Up to four (4) alternate delegates to serve as “Alternate Members.”

2.02(b).   Member organizations shall provide the names and contact information for each designated Voting Member and Alternate Member to the Secretary before any such Voting Members or Alternate Members may vote at a membership meeting.

2.02(c).   Voting Members shall have the rights set forth in these Bylaws, including, but not limited to, voting rights.  An Alternate Member may only act as a Voting Member at a membership meeting in place of and on behalf of an absent Voting Member from the same Member Organization, and otherwise has no rights except as expressly granted under these Bylaws.  Only Voting Members, and Alternate Members acting in place of Voting Members, shall constitute “members” for purposes of the Act.  For purposes of these Bylaws, the terms “Members” or “Membership” will refer to both (i) Voting Members, and (ii) Alternate Members who are properly acting on behalf of a Voting Member.

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