Nominating Committee


Per Section 3.03(a) of the Bylaws of ACCF:

Section 3.03 Nomination, Election, and Term of Office.

(a) Nomination. At least sixty (60) days before the annual Member meeting held in accordance with Section 2.06, the Members shall elect a Nomination Committee comprised of five (5) Voting Members and/or Alternate Members to handle the nomination of at least one candidate Voting Member or Alternate Member for each Director position. The Nomination Committee shall submit a written or electronic report to all current Voting Members and Alternate Members prior to the annual Member meeting, at which meeting additional nominations may be made from the floor.

April 2021 Round (Nominations for FY2022:


TBD • email the Chair


FY2022 Nomination Form.

Final Report, 1 Jun 2021 [PDF, 130 KiB].

Interim Report, 7 May 2021 [PDF, 222 KiB].