Public Services Committee


It shall be the duty of this committee to study and report on public services such as utilities, health, welfare and human resources, and public safety. Specific areas of responsibility include: (a) matters related to gas, electricity, telephone companies, ISPs, cable television, mail service, and site regulations and services; (b) public health, welfare and rehabilitation, hospital and rehabilitation facilities; (c) fire and police protection and traffic regulations; and (d) organization, administration, and the procedures of
local government and the operation of county-owned utilities.


John Ford • email John


MENTAL HEALTH, Chair Jacqueline Snelling • email Jacqueline
PUBLIC SAFETY, Chair Mike McMenamin • email Mike

Annual Reports


  • [Apr 2017] Water Pollution Control Plant Solids Master Plan Update by Mary Strawn, Project Manager, Arlington County [PDF, 796 KiB]
  • [Apr 2017] Joint Facilities Advisory Committee (JFAC) by Greg Greeley, Vice-Chair [PDF, 687 KiB]


  • Background on FAA Navigation Hazard Evaluation Rulemaking Change [Oct 2014]
    • ACCF Presentation: Rising Skylines, An Urban Airport, and the Civic Federation; Engine Failure Obstruction Evaluation Criteria Change [Oct 2014] [PDF, 4.3 Mib].
    • Draft Resolution Regarding Flight Safety at Reagan National Airport [Oct 2014] [PDF, 50 Kib].
    • Technical Background Report prepared by Public Services Committee, Planning & Zoning Committee, including retired Navy pilot, Jim Pebley [Oct 2014] [PDF, 778 Kib].
    • APA Airport Case Study for Crystal City Development Plan Feasibility [Nov 2010] [PDF, 1.2 Mib].
    • Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) Economic Impact Study [2012] [PDF, 3.9 Mib].
    • Reagan National: Time to Dismantle the Perimeter; The Economist [25 Jun 2014] [PDF, 505 Kib].
    • MWAA: Washington’s Airports Support Regional Economy [Sept 2003] [PDF, 142 Kib].
    • MWAA: Airports are Key Economic Drivers [May 2014] [PDF, 154 Kib].