Public Services Committee

Committee Charge


John Ford • email John


MENTAL HEALTH, Co-Chairs Nicole Merlene and Jacqueline Snelling • email Nicole and Jacqueline
PUBLIC SAFETY, Chair Mike McMenamin • email Mike

Annual Reports


  • [Apr 2017] Water Pollution Control Plant Solids Master Plan Update by Mary Strawn, Project Manager, Arlington County [PDF, 796 KiB]
  • [Apr 2017] Joint Facilities Advisory Committee (JFAC) by Greg Greeley, Vice-Chair [PDF, 687 KiB]


  • Background on FAA Navigation Hazard Evaluation Rulemaking Change [Oct 2014]
    • ACCF Presentation: Rising Skylines, An Urban Airport, and the Civic Federation; Engine Failure Obstruction Evaluation Criteria Change [Oct 2014] [PDF, 4.3 Mib].
    • Draft Resolution Regarding Flight Safety at Reagan National Airport [Oct 2014] [PDF, 50 Kib].
    • Technical Background Report prepared by Public Services Committee, Planning & Zoning Committee, including retired Navy pilot, Jim Pebley [Oct 2014] [PDF, 778 Kib].
    • APA Airport Case Study for Crystal City Development Plan Feasibility [Nov 2010] [PDF, 1.2 Mib].
    • Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) Economic Impact Study [2012] [PDF, 3.9 Mib].
    • Reagan National: Time to Dismantle the Perimeter; The Economist [25 Jun 2014] [PDF, 505 Kib].
    • MWAA: Washington’s Airports Support Regional Economy [Sept 2003] [PDF, 142 Kib].
    • MWAA: Airports are Key Economic Drivers [May 2014] [PDF, 154 Kib].