Meeting Archive FY2015

[Sept 2014-Jun 2015]

2 Jun 2015

  • 7.30p Call to Order
  • 7.40p Election of New Officers (see Nominating Committee slate in newsletter)
  • 7.45p Priorities Updates
  • 7.50p Revenues and Expenditures Committee Presentation on Economic Development
  • 8.05p Schools Committee: Presentation, Resolution and Vote (see below)
  • 8.30p Affordable Housing (see below)
    • Housing Committee Presentation
    • Minority Report, Parks and Recreation
    • Minority Report, Revenue and Expenditures
    • Minority Report, Planning and Zoning
    • Housing Committee Resolution (brought to floor for action)
    • Amendments to Resolution Offered
  • 9.45p Adjourn
Documents and Links
Schools Committee
Housing Committee
  • Housing Committee Resolution on Affordable Housing (revised 26 May 2015) [PDF, 290 Kib].
  • The Housing Committee Report in Support of Their Resolution [PDF, 139 Kib]. This report includes links to the Master Housing Plan and the Framework.
  • Letter Submitted by the Chair, Affordable Housing Working Group [PDF, 209 Kib].
Other Committee Reports and Amendments Regarding Affordable Housing
  • Parks Committee Minority Report on Affordable Housing [PDF, 323 Kib].
  • Parks Committee Amendment to Affordable Housing Resolution [PDF, 139 Kib].
  • Revenue and Expenditures Committee Minority Report on Affordable Housing [PDF, 151 Kib].
    • (Note – There is a significant difference between the projections of future affordable housing per unit costs between the Housing and the Revenue and Expenses Committees [R&E report page 2 paragraph 4 under ‘Construction/Capital Costs].)
  • Planning and Zoning Committee Minority Report on Affordable Housing (Not complete; will be available and posted prior to the meeting.)

5 May 2015

  • The Affordable Housing Master Plan Resolution was tabled to June.
  • Schools Resolution [PDF, 86 Kib]

The Planning and Zoning Committee presented a brief update on the following:

  • County Code Chapter 15, Noise Control
  • Zoning: FAA Proposed OEI Guideline
  • Zoning Ordinance Revision
  • Stormwater Management
  • Conversations with staff about the revised Retail Plan.
  • A copy of the Committee’s presentation is available here [PDF, 481 Kib].

Friday, April 17, 2015

99th ACCF Awards Banquet
  • For a photo recap of the evening’s festivities, please click here.

7 Apr 2015

Community Energy Plan Update
  • Rich Dooley, Community Energy Coordinator, Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE)/Arlington DES gave an update on the Arlington Community Energy Plan. His presentation is below.
Schools and Revenues & Expenditures Committees’ Budget Program
Election of Nominating Committee
Bylaws Resolution Introduction


3 Mar 2015

Arlington County Economic Development Commission [EDC]
  • Sally Duran discussed the importance of a flourishing business community which will substantially benefit Arlington taxpayers. We as citizens need to work collaboratively with businesses to find fair solutions when approaching development with a culture of ‘WE,’ not ‘us and them’. Below is her presentation and information on this topic.
Arlington County School Board
  • The School Board’s annual presentation included a video released with the FY2016 budget proposal followed by an extended ‘questions and answers’ period with the membership.


3 Febr 2015

Virginia Department of Transportation [VDOT]
  • Ellen Vogel and Terry Yates of the Virginia Department of Transportation [VDOT] briefed us on recent issues.
Arlington County Board
  • In their annual appearance before the ACCF, County Board members Mary Hynes (Chair), Walter Tejada (Vice Chair), Jay Fisette, Libby Garvey and John Vihstadt provided updates on Arlington’s directions for 2015 and answered questions submitted in advance by the Federation’s committee chairs.
Draft Resolution on Arlington County Retail Plan


6 Jan 2015

Lee Highway Re-Visioning Plan
  • Sandi Chesrown provided an update of the grassroots strategic partnership for re-visioning Lee Highway that is moving forward via 15 civic associations, including Waverly Hills, Arlington East Falls Church, John M. Langston, Glebewood, Yorktown, Tara Leeway, Leeway Overlee, Old Dominion, Donaldson Run, Cherrydale, Waycroft Woodlawn, Maywood, Rock Spring, North Highlands, and Lyon Village. The group is being assisted by Arlington County’s Planning Department and other County department staff.
County Manager
Arlington Public Schools Superintendent
  • Arlington Public Schools Superintendent’s Presentation [PDF, 470 KiB]

2 Dec 2014

Retail Plan Program

Jill Griffin (DED) and Deborah Albert (Zoning) presented the proposed Retail Plan and the proposed revisions to the current Zoning Ordinance. The presentation is available here [PDF, 4.51 MiB].


Public Land for Public Good

At the December meeting the membership considered a resolution on the County’s proposed “Public Land for Public Good”. Numerous committees were involved in this discussion. There were several presentations and and extended discussion at the November meeting which provide background for the December vote. Below is information from the November meeting as well as the resolution to be considered.


      • County Board Member Mary Hynes’ presentation at the November meeting [PDF, 375 KiB]
Revenues and Expenditures Committee
      • Comments Submitted to the Executive Committee (revised 7 October) [PDF, 291 KiB]


Housing Committee


Parks Committee


Public Services and Planning and Zoning
      • Jointly proposed resolution for consideration from the Public Services and Planning and Zoning Committees (revised 16 November) [PDF, 32 KiB]

7 Oct 2014

2 Sept 2014

Candidate Night Forum

The Arlington County Civic Federation Candidate Forum is now available either on-line or via cable TV. Links are being forwarded via neighborhood listservs, the October edition of the Arlington County Civic Federation newsletter, and various news outlets.

A great big thank you for coming out on a nasty weather night!

Arlington County Civic Federation Candidates Forum; Sept 2, 2014 Part 1 of 2

County Board
Alan Howze (D)
John Vihstadt (I)

School Board
Barbara Kanninen
Audrey Clement
Nancy van Doren

Arlington County Civic Federation Candidates Forum; Sept 2, 2014 Part 2 of 2

Arlington County Treasurer
Carla de la Pava

U.S. Senate
Robert Sarvis (L)
Warner and Gillespie both declined

U.S. House of Representatives
Don Beyer (D)
Micah Edmond (R)
Gwendolyn Beck (I)
Gerry Blais (IG)
Jeffrey Carson (L)

Airing on Comcast 69 and Verizon/FIOS 38 via the Arlington Independent Media channel
Thursdays 6:30pm
Saturdays 2:30pm