Forum Rules

Arlington County Civic Federation Forum Rules

Arlington County Civic Federation Candidates Forum Procedures and Format

1. The Arlington County Civic Federation Candidate Forum is a non-partisan event and will take place as a hybrid meeting, with candidates and ACCF members welcome in person at the Hazel auditorium at Virginia Hospital Center as well as virtually via Zoom. This document details the procedures and format for the forum that will be held at 7 p.m., Tuesday 3 September 2024.

(Please sign in to the zoom meeting between 6:30 – 7:00 p.m.)

2. There will be three candidate panels:

      • Arlington County Board
      • Arlington County School Board
      • US House of Representatives
        Note: the order of panels was determined in order to accommodate availability of various participants.

3. When each panel begins, all candidates will be identified in the virtual meeting. Substitute speakers are not permitted. If a candidate does not participate, the panel will proceed without them.

4. Candidates may make 1-minute opening statements. We suggest that candidates use this time to introduce themselves personally to the ACCF membership. Speaking order for each panel will be in alphabetical order and will be the same for opening and closing statements. Candidates will have an opportunity to respond to questions from ACCF Delegates/Alternates. Candidates may use notes.

5. There will be 1-minute closing statements.

6. The order of answering questions will rotate. Candidate responses to questions will be strictly limited to one minute. A timekeeper will keep candidates informed when time is short and has run out. If required, time limits will be strictly enforced.

7. Prepared Delegate/Alternate questions submitted through committees will be posed by the moderator. Time permitting, the moderator or his designee will ask additional questions from the meeting chat function and as asked by attending delegates. Responses by candidates to these questions will remain limited to one minute.

8. Questions may be directed to one or more candidates; in this case, each candidate will have an opportunity to answer.

9. The forum will be confined to pertinent issues. High standards of decorum and civility are expected and any decision of exclusion on that basis will be at the sole discretion of the moderator.

10. Audience member connections will be muted.

11. Since this will be a hybrid meeting, there will be an opportunity for you to distribute literature at the hospital auditorium.

12. The Candidate Forum will be recorded online and a link to the recording will be provided on the Civic Federation website.

Please acknowledge your intent to participate and acceptance of these procedures and format by filling out and returning this document to by the deadline below.

Please return this by 6:00 p.m. Friday 30 August 2024. This will help us to ensure an orderly process.

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  • Office Sought:
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  • Campaign Website:
This document is available as a PDF here [PDF, 272 KiB; Updated 22 Jan 2024].