Forum Rules

Arlington County Civic Federation Forum Rules

1. This document details the rules for the Arlington County Civic Federation (ACCF) Candidate Night Forum that will be held at 7 p.m., Tuesday, September 4 in the Hazel Auditorium at the Virginia Hospital Center, N. George Mason Drive and 16th Street North.

2. The order for the candidate panels will be: U.S. House of Representatives, Arlington County Board, and Arlington School Board.

3. When each candidate panel is called, candidates will take their places at the table in the front of the auditorium.

4. Candidates will have an opportunity to make a 2-minute opening and a 3-minute closing statement from their seats. Speaking order will be determined by a coin toss at the start of the evening and will be the same for opening and closing statements. After opening statements, candidates will answer questions from the ACCF delegates/alternates. Candidates may use notes throughout their panel.

5. The order for answering questions will rotate. Candidate responses to questions will be strictly limited to 2 minutes. A timekeeper will use cue cards to inform candidates of their remaining time and when they must stop speaking. Time limits will be strictly enforced.

6. ACCF delegates/alternates who want to pose a question will form a line at the microphone at the front of the auditorium.

7. In order to maximize the number of delegates/alternates who have an opportunity to ask a question, the forum moderator will give first priority to delegates/alternates who have not yet asked a question. To the extent time permits, members of the public also may ask questions.

8. Delegate questions may be up to 30 seconds long and must not be position statements. A timekeeper will use cue cards to inform delegates/alternates of their remaining time and when they must stop speaking. Followup questions are not allowed.

9. Questions may be directed to one or more candidates, but each candidate will have an opportunity to answer.

10. The forum is a nonpartisan event and takes place on the property of the Virginia Hospital Center. All rules of Virginia Hospital Center conduct apply. Furthermore, the debate will be confined to pertinent issues. High standards of decorum and civility are expected and any decision of exclusion on that basis will be at the sole discretion of the moderator.

11. Audience members will be directed to mute cell phones and refrain from applause, cheering, jeering, or other verbal reply in response to candidate statements.

12. Literature may be distributed only in the conference center lobby from 6:30 – 9 p.m. Signs, banners, demonstrations and electronic presentations are not allowed on the hospital’s property, including outside the building and in the lobby, hallway, and auditorium.

13. The Candidate Forum will be recorded by Arlington Independent Media and a link to the film will be provided on the Civic Federation website.