2016 Banquet and 100th Anniversary Gala

2016 ACCF Banquet

The Arlington County Civic Federation’s 100th Anniversary Gala was held Friday, April 8, 2016.

  • Virginia Governor Terence R. McAuliffe’s Welcome and Commendation Letter, April 2016 [PDF, 827 KiB].
  • Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey’s Proclamation of April 2016 Recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the Arlington County Civic Federation [PDF, 1.2 MiB].
  • Senate of Virginia Joint Resolution, March 2016 [PDF, 3.1 MiB].
  • Program [PDF, 399 KiB].
  • Commemorative Booklet [PDF, 3.9 MiB].

100th Anniversary Symposium held 14 April 2016; Presentations recorded by Robert Farr of Arlington TV:

United States Congressman Don Beyer
Adrian Stanton, Virginia Medical Center
Victor Hoskins, Director of Arlington Economic Development
Jack Belcher, Director of Technology Services and Connect Arlington
Mark Schwartz, County Manager
Joe Pelton, Arlington County Civic Federation Past President


Joni and Marx Sterne, Mary and Burt Bostwick, and Elvira Banks – Friends of Gulf Branch Nature Center

Pat Williamson, WETA; Alex Pageotte, Career Center student, and his father, Daniel Pageotte