Membership Bylaws

Here is how our Bylaws read on Membership

Excerpt from :
Bylaws of the Arlington County Civic Federation
as amended February 3, 1998.

ARTICLE III, Section 2. Any organization whose primary object and principal work promotes safety, beautification, general welfare of its community, or the development of civic spirit, shall be considered a civic organization. The Federation reserves the right to determine the number of organizations that shall represent any single community and to reject the application of any organization.

ARTICLE III, Section 3. No organization shall have delegated representation in the Federation which does not have a minimum of twenty (20) members. The membership of each organization shall be certified annually to the Secretary of the Federation.

ARTICLE III, Section 4. Each member organization shall be entitled to name four (4) delegates and four (4) alternate delegates to the Federation. The names of the delegates and alternate delegates shall be certified in writing by the President or the designee of the member organization.

ARTICLE III, Section 5. Each member organization shall be entitled to no more than four votes cast by the delegates or their alternates. No proxy votes may be cast.

ARTICLE III, Section 6. Membership Application. All organizations applying for membership in the Federation shall be referred to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall report its recommendation to the next meeting of the Federation. A two-thirds vote of the delegates present and voting shall elect to membership.