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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

The Civic Voice

Newsletter of the Arlington County Civic Federation

March, 2001 - Volume 85, No. 7

March Meeting Moved
To Monday, March 5th!

March General Meeting

    7:30 p.m., Monday, March 5th
    Arlington Hospital, Hazel Auditorium
    1701 N. George Mason Drive

This month's agenda, while much simpler than last month's, is guaranteed to be every bit as filled with information and dialog important to our member organizations:

March Meeting Program �
A Forum On Community Planning

The Co-Chairs of our Planning & Zoning Committee (Bill Gearhart and Martha Moore) have put together a really interesting program to educate members about the Arlington development process and to identify what could be improved. Bill Gearhart will give a quick overview of the steps in the process. Then a panel will take your questions and comments. The panel includes: County Board Chair Jay Fisette, Planning Division Director Bob Brosnan, former Planning Commission Chair, Jack Goodman, and Martha Moore (who has plenty of experience with development projects). We're asking delegates to come prepared with questions and issues about four types of development that will be the focus of the Q & A period:

    � Siting of County Facilities-Has the County moved school trailers, a government agency or a service facility into your neighborhood?

    � Large Commercial Developments-Has a large commercial or residential development been planned or implemented within or next to your neighborhood? Did you hear about it early enough in the planning process?

    � Townhouse development and infill-Have townhouse developments replaced single-family homes in your neighborhood or has a McMansion appeared behind your back fence?

    � Special Use Permits-Special use permits are required for daycare facilities, restaurant live entertainment, outdoor cafes, and pizza delivery. Do they fit in your neighborhood?

-- Here's How We Will Present The Panel --

Bill Gearhart will make an introductory presentation on the development process. Bill will give an overview of the general types of development and who handles each. He will identify the people involved who are on the panel. We'll ask each member of the panel to introduce themselves and expand on what Bill has said.

Jim Pebley will take questions/issues from the audience. Bill Gearhart will record the issues that members raise on poster paper to preserve them for later meetings and discussions with the County.

Civic Federation To Participate in
Follow-on Development Forum

A day-long forum on the County development process will be held on March 10th, following Monday's Federation Forum. Both forums have been planned to complement each other. This forum is being hosted by Arlingtonians for a Better County on March 10th from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.. The Acting County Manager, Board Member Chris Zimmerman and key County staffers will participate in this forum. The keynote speaker will be Peter Katz, a nationally known author on New Urbanism. In this forum, Jim Pebley, the Federation's President, will present the issues raised by our members at the ACCF's meeting and describe "what's not working" with development for our member organizations. All of the Federation's members are strongly encouraged to attend this forum. Attendance is free, but seating at the GMU (Arlington) Lecture Hall is limited, so you must reserve a seat by contacting ABC at (703) 715-622 or sending an email to "arlingtonabc@hotmail.com". Box Lunches will be available (check the Civic Federation's web page for details) if ordered before March 5th.

Don't Miss Our Annual Banquet

There are two signature events hosted by the ACCF each year. The first is Candidates Night and the second is our Annual Banquet to honor outstanding Federation members. This year's annual banquet will be held (once again) at the Arlington Hilton and Towers in Ballston. The social hour will start at 6:30 p.m. (a great time to meet and talk with public officials or our speaker). Dinner starts at 7:30 p.m.. The speaker for our banquet will be Peggy Fox, reporter, WUSA TV, Channel 9. For more information on the banquet or if you need additional invitations, contact ACCF VP, Dan Krasnegor at "dan+" or by phone (see the back panel).

Bicentennial Celebration Kicks Off on March 4th !!

At our February meeting, Ms. Margaret Lampe and other Bicentennial Committee members provided an overview of planning for the County's 200th Year Birthday Party. These interesting and historic observances will all start on Sunday, March 4th from 2 to 4 p.m. The opening ceremony will take place at the Women in Military Service Memorial (located at the main entrance to Arlington National Military Cemetery). Attendees will be included in a group photo commemorating the event. Senator Warner and Congressman Moran will serve as Honorary Co-Chairs. RSVP to Debbie Powers (703-228-3314) not later than March 2nd if you plan to attend. See you there!

Amendments to Bylaws Will Be Voted On At March Federation Meeting

At our February meeting, the Bylaws Committee proposed a series of bylaw changes for the Federation to consider. Copies of the proposed bylaw changes were distributed and are available on our website. In case you didn 't get a copy � here's a summary of the recommended changes:

    ** Members. The current system of each member organization having 4 delegates and 4 alternates will be replaced with a simpler system. If passed, each organization can have up to 8 delegates. This will reduce confusion at meetings over who can vote or speak.

    ** Annual Dues. This amendment would raise the annual dues (beginning next year) from $40 to $50 annually to cover rise in Federation expenses in recent years.

    ** Public Debate. The consecutive length of time a delegate may speak on the same subject will be limited to 2 minutes instead of 3. This will give more members an opportunity to speak.

Neighborhood Day Set for May 12

Planning continues for Arlington Neighbor-hood Day 2001. The annual event, co-sponsored by the Civic Federation, celebrates the central role of neighborhoods in making Arlington the nation's "first suburb." The theme for Neighborhood Day this year will be tied into the Bicentennial. In addition to events across all the neighborhoods (park clean-ups, chili cook-offs, community yard sales, etc.), each year the day's big event is a parade down Clarendon Boulevard to the County Building. This year's event will be a winner � with antique cars, civil war re-enactors, marching bands, and neighborhood floats. Please contact Federation President Jim Pebley if you know of a group that would like to participate. Applications for parade entries are located on the Federation Web Page

Revenues and Expenditures Committee Needs a Hand � Please Join!

At the February 24th meeting, the County Board committed to bringing in a "No Real Estate Tax Rate Hike" budget. This means that the budget choices are going to be tough ones, pitting school funding needs against County priorities such as affordable housing, police equipment and the like. Our R&E Committee is looking for members to help evaluate these needs to present budget choices to our membership � and in turn the Federation will provide to the County Board. Contact Robert Atkins (527-8859) if you can spare a Sunday afternoon to help.

Notes from Your Civic Federation President

This is the busy season in Arlington �

  • As mentioned above, the County's pro-posed budget is in and there are hard choices ahead. We will be dedicating our April meeting to evaluating the budget for the coming fiscal year (2002). If you have inputs � make them now to our R&E Committee. Don't wait for the March meeting!

  • I noticed that the County Website is still listing past presidents for our member organizations. If you were recently elected as president of your organization � call Toni Copeland, the Clerk of the County Board (228-3125) and let her know!

See you at the March 5th Meeting...Weather Permitting. Check our Calendar Page for the latest or call Jim Pebley's answering machine on Monday afternoon at 703-525-0766.

ACCF Officers

    President Jim Pebley 703-525-0766 jim+

    Vice President Dan Krasnegor 703-534-4024 dan+

    Treasurer Frances Finta 703-528-2882 (no email)

    Secretary Tim Wise 703-243-8345 tim+

Executive Committee

    Chairman - Patrick Smaldore 703-528-3935 - patrick+

    Member - Robert Atkins 703-527-8859 - (voice or fax) - (no email)

    Member - Darnell Carpenter 703-243-5188 - darnell+

    Member - Mileva Hartman 703-841-9287 - mileva+

    Member - Dan Krasnegor 703-534-4024 - dan+

    Member - Susan Quinn 703-931-1755 - susan+

Committee Chairs

    Bylaws (Co-Chairs)

      Jean Mostrom, Chair 703-532-0452
      Scott McGeary, Vice Chair 703-750-4704

    Community Relations

      Jacqueline Mow 703-528-1112

    Cultural Affairs

    Environmental Affairs

    Housing (Co-Chairs)

      Reid Goldstein 703-271-0431 reid+
      Wayne Kubicki 703-536-1954 wayne

    + Legislation


      Frances Finta 703-528-2882 (no email)

    Parks & Recreation (Co-Chairs)

    + Planning & Zoning (Co-Chairs)

      William Gearhart 703-522-2276 bill+
      Martha Moore 703-527-3782 martha+

    Public Services


    Revenues and Expenditures

      Robert Atkins 703-527-8859 (voice or fax) no email

    Schools (Co-Chairs)

      Roger Meyer 703-671-3655 roger
      + Terri Prell 703-820-3782 terri

    + Special Events



Newsletter Editorial Committee

    Editor: Jim Pebley 703-525-0766 - jim+


      Dan Krasnegor703-534-4024 - dan+
      Randy Swart 703-521-2080 - randy

    + News email: - civicvoice Fax: 703-486-0576

    + Web: - www.civfed.org (.com works too)

Recipients of this newsletter are encouraged to forward to all and any interested parties

Copies of the Newsletter are available for Download from the Civic Federation website. (This page!)

If you have comments or complaints, please contact the editor, Jim Pebley

This page was last revised on: December 28, 2003.
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