General Membership meetings of the Arlington County Civic Federation (ACCF) are generally held at 7.00 pm on the first Tuesday of the month from September thorough June. ACCF does not hold general membership meetings in July or August. Meetings are held at the Hazel Auditorium, Virginia Hospital Center, ive. On nights of the Civic Federation meeting, the gates of the GOLD Parking lot, which is located under the 1635 Medical Offices off 16th Street North, will be open and there is no charge for parking. If you use another lot, you will have to pay the regular rate to exit.

In case of bad weather, ACCF follows Arlington Public Schools (APS) alert announcements. They review for both day and evening events. Our venue, the Virginia Hospital Center, remains open. However, we do not want our audience members and speakers to risk life, limb or bumper to make it to our meeting. Speakers would be rescheduled for future time.



The Civic Federation is changing the day on which it holds its monthly meetings. Effective October 2019, the Federation’s General Membership Meetings will move to the third Tuesday of the month until further notice. The meetings will continue to start at 7 PM and will continue to be held in the Hazel Auditorium at Virginia Hospital Center.



Tuesday 4 June 2019

Meeting Content:


Tue 3 Sept 2019


All General Meeting topics are tentative until moved to the ‘NEXT MEETING’ section.

September 2019
  • NEWSLETTER DEADLINE: Thursday, August 22, 2019
  • GENERAL MEETING: Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 6.30p, Virginia Hospital Center
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Sunday, September 8, 2019


7 May 2019
5 Apr 2019; 103d Civic Federation Banquet
  • Video footage of the banquet speakers is available here.
2 Apr 2019
5 Mar 2019
  • Nominations Committee
  • Old Glebe Boundary Change [PDF, 458 KiB].
  • Metro
  • Amazon Listening Session
  • Discussion and Vote on Resolution on Personal Property Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans.
  • Cultural Affairs Committee
  • Video footage of the 5 Mar 2019 meeting is available here.
5 Febr 2019
  • Visit with Arlington County School Board
  • Marijuana Decriminalization Resolution, discussion and vote
  • Introduction of Resolution on Personal Property Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans.
  • Video footage of the 5 Febr 2019 meeting is available here.
8 Jan 2019
  • Amazon Overview: Presentation by Rosjhan Abraham, Our Revolution Arlington [PDF, 2.5 MiB]
  • Presentation, discussion and vote on PSMP LoS (Public Spaces Master Plan Levels of Service) Resolution
  • Video footage of the 8 Jan 2019 meeting is available here.
2 Jan 2019
  • Meeting with the Arlington County Board.
  • Video footage of the 2 Jan 2019 meeting is available here.
11 Dec 2018
  • Video footage of the December 2018 meeting is available here.
13 Nov 2018
  • Video footage of the November 2018 meeting is available here.
2 Oct 2018
    • General:

      • Meeting Slides [PDF, 428 KiB]
      • Video footage of the 2 Jan 2019 meeting is available here.

    • Video footage of the October 2018 meeting is available here.
    • Meeting Content:

      • Panel on County Bond Referendums
        • John Touhy, Former Assistant Treasurer for Arlington County
        • Katie Cristol, Arlington County Board Chair, on the $74.57M transportation bond referendum;
        • Lida Anestidou, 2018 Support the School Bond Committee co-chair, on the $103M public schools bond referendum;
        • Peter Rousselot, ArlingtonNOW columnist, on the $37.015M community infrastructure bond referendum; and
        • Bill Ross, Arlington Parks and Recreation Commission chair, on the $29.330M parks and recreation bond referendum.
        • Materials:
      • Parks Committee Draft Resolution on the 2018 Parks and Recreation Bond Referendum [PDF, 406 KiB]
      • Open Mic
4 Sept 2018
      • Meeting Content:

        • Strategic Planning Process
        • Introduction of Open Mic
        • Candidates’ Forum
          • U.S. House of Representatives 8th District
            • Donald Beyer [D] (Incumbent)
            • Thomas S. Oh [R]
          • Arlington County Board (Additional questions [PDF, 150 KiB])
            • Matthew D. Ferranti [D]
            • John Vihstadt [I] (Incumbent)
        • Arlington School Board
          • Audrey Clement
          • Barbara Kanninen (Incumbent)
      • Legislation Committee Virginia Forfeiture Resolution [Draft; PDF, 67 KiB].
      • Open Mic

Information on prior meetings may be found in the Meeting Archive.


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