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Arlington County Civic Federation

You are viewing the archived Civic Federation site. For current information, visit www.civfed.org.

November, 2001 - Volume 86, No. 3 ------

ACCF Meets on Second Tuesday
To Pass Legislation Package
Not on Election Day!

    7:30 pm, Tuesday, November 13th
    Virginia Hospital Center
    Hospital Conference Center
    1701 N. George Mason Drive

In order to accommodate our members who will be working at the polls or anxiously awaiting the outcome of the elections, we will hold our meeting this month on the second Tuesday, instead of the first Tuesday as is our custom! Here�s our agenda for November Meeting:

November General Meeting
  • Reports and Special Recognition
  • Resolution of Finance Committee
  • Consideration of the Legislative Package

The principal task for this meeting will be to adopt our Legislative Package for 2001-2002. Inside this issue of The Civic Voice, you�ll find the basic format and rules we will use for this meeting as well as the draft legislation package (see the attachment at the end of this email). Please take the time to read these before arriving.

County Forum on Emergency Preparedness

The County has announced plans for a Community Forum on Emergency Preparedness and Bioterrorism at 7 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 8, in the County Board Room at 2100 Clarendon Blvd. The forum is open to the public and will be broadcast live on the County�s Cable Channel (Channel 31). Residents will be able to submit questions either prior to the program via e-mail to publicaffairs@co.arlington.va.us via fax to 703-228-3295 or via the County�s home page. The Federation�s Public Services Committee has prepared a wide range of questions for this forum, which can be reviewed at our web site at www.civfed.org. You can submit additional questions yourself (see above) or pass them along to our committee via Tori Gorman at tgorman223@hotmail.com. The Federation is keenly interested in County emergency plans in order to help our members understand what citizens should know and do in the event of another attack or something as simple as a weather related emergency. Our members are encouraged to tune in or attend!

Airport Reopens � With New Routes, Rules

As everyone is aware, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is open again � and that affects many of us. Since we were told new flight rules are in effect, your Federation President contacted the Airport�s Noise Liaison Office as well as talking with a visiting airline pilot to learn about the new routes and rules. While many route options were considered, the new Northern arrival and departure route follows a straight line connecting the end of the runway to the West end of the 14th Street Bridge and continues almost due-North over Rosslyn (crossing over the Wilson School) and then skirts along the North side of the Potomac, along the straight line route previously used in poor weather conditions. The main difference now is that the pilots will leave the engines at the higher thrust settings, rather than using reduced power for climbout. The Federation will closely follow this issue for future changes.

A Multitude of Announcements

Arlington Veterans Day Observance

On Sunday, November 11th at 1:00 p.m., the local Posts of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars will conduct a ceremony honoring our county�s servicemen and women and celebrating the freedoms they have secured for us. If you have time to attend, don�t miss this moving ceremony held at Arlington�s own memorial, located in the triangle just East of the intersection of Washington, Wilson and Clarendon Blvds. As we have in past years, the Federation will present a wreath and express our appreciation to all our veterans.

Federation Extends Condolences

The Federation was saddened to hear that the father of Scott McGeary (prior past president) passed away last month. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Scott.

Arlington Public Schools to Conduct a Customer Survey

At the APS�s request, the Univ. of Maryland Survey Research Center will be conducting a satisfaction survey and will be contacting community members and parents via telephone. You may receive a phone call during February or March, letting you know that you�ve been selected to participate in the sample group. Please spread the word about the survey and encourage your members to participate. Questions can be directed to Lisa Stengle in the APS Office of Planning and Evaluation at (703)-228-6010.

Parks Committee Off to a Busy Year

Judy Green, Co-chair of our Parks Committee, advises that their next meeting will be held Thursday, November 15th, in the Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford St. in Room 4 at 7:30 p.m.. If your organization has any Parks issues, please take the time to attend!

Arlington Community Foundation Establishes Prompt Response Fund

With the downturn in the economy and the shutdown of Ronald Reagan National Airport for a period of time, business closures and layoffs continue to impact residents and non-profit agencies alike. Some fiscal relief from State and Federal disaster funds will be available in the future, but how soon funding is forthcoming is problematic for those facing financial crises today. Vicki Kirkbride, Executive Director of the Arlington Community Foundation, reports that an anonymous donor has contributed funds to help establish the Foundation�s �Prompt Response Fund� � targeted to assist Arlington�s disaster relief and recovery efforts. Non-profit agencies can apply to the fund at any time and grant requests are being fastracked (3-5 days) so monies can reach agencies quickly. If you�d like to contribute to this fund, contact Vicki Kirkbride at (703) 243-4785.

Film About Four-Mile Run A Hit

Randy Swart, the Federation�s past president, has given a rave review to a film directed and produced by Falls Church ecologist Dave Eckert. The film, Four Mile Run: Reviving an Urban Stream was shown October 24th at the State Theater. Randy reports that the photography and narration in this four-part series (1/2 hour each) about the revival of a stream that runs across our county is superb and would make a great program for civic association meetings. For information, contact Dave Eckert at 703-532-0884 or send him a note at 109 W. Westmoreland Rd., Falls Church 22046.

Special Rules For Considering The Legislative Package At November Meeting

After approving the agenda for the meeting, delegates will need to agree on how to handle the legislation package, the addenda and motions from individual members. The planned procedures are described below. The Main Package -- The main part of the Legislation package consists of those measures that the Federation�s Legislation Committee has voted unanimously to include (or retained from past years) in the package. If the special rules are adopted for the meeting, we will take a single vote to accept or reject this package as a whole. If the �vote to accept� fails, we will consider each section separately. Addenda Items -- During their deliberations, there were items that the Legislation Committee failed to achieve unanimous agreement on. Those measures that were supported by a majority of the committee members will be presented as topics to be voted on separately by the whole membership. If approved, they will be incorporated into the overall package. Items Proposed by Delegates -- While we have encouraged everyone to attend the Legislation Committee�s meetings, it�s only fair to let issues proposed by delegates be considered by the whole membership. However, to prevent �sneak attacks� on the Legislation Package, the Executive Committee has agreed (as it did last year) to require submission of issues by individual members not later than 3 days before the meeting. Proponents of items must forward such proposals in writing to either the Legislation Committee Chair or the Civic Federation President. They will also need to place 75 copies of their proposal on the table in the lobby of the Hospital� s Hazel Conference Center by 7:15 p.m. on November 13th. Prioritizing Our Issues -- This year, the Executive Committee has recommended that the Federation select a few proposals from the legislative package to define priority issues for action by the State Legislature, the County Board, or the United States Congress. These would be the issues for which we would like to hold our elected representatives and officials most accountable. During this meeting, each delegate will have an opportunity to select his or her 5 top priority items from the adopted package. The votes will be tallied, and the Federation�s top 5 priorities will be presented as a separate document to our officials and representatives.

Next Month � School Board Visit

Next month�s general meeting will feature a visit by our Arlington School Board members. The Federation�s Schools Committee has submitted a series of questions to the School Board. The questions generated by the Schools Committee can be viewed at our website, �www.civfed.org� Additional questions will be taken from members at the meeting.

Baseball Stadium Issue Reappears

Once again, the issue of locating a major league baseball stadium has been raised. The October 27th issue of the Washington Post (page D4) indicated that our local Congressional delegation had asked Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to make rule changes to establish (or move) a team into a �landmark stadium� in Arlington. When contacted by local papers, the Federation President reiterated that the Federation had opposed the Twin Bridges site proposal in 1996 and kept a statement in the Federation�s annual legislative package opposing funding a stadium. The ACCF President re-affirmed the Federation�s support for member civic associations that would be impacted by the additional noise, traffic and parking problems which a site in the Pentagon/Pentagon City area would impose.

Proposed "9/11 Scholarship Fund" Resolution for Public Safety Employee Children on November Meeting Agenda

The Finance Committee has developed a "9/11 Scholarship" resolution for the November general membership meeting. The fund is the idea of Tim Reese, President of the Arlington-East Falls Church Civic Association. Tim noted that many residents have wanted to do "something extra" in recognition of the heroism and magnificent response demonstrated by the Arlington County Fire, Police, and Sheriff�s Deputies in the September 11th attack on the Pentagon. The resolution proposes establishing a fund to provide scholarships for college-bound children of Arlington County Fire, Police, Sheriff�s Deputies and E-911 Emergency Center personnel who have served 10 years or more for the county (or children of those who were disabled or lost their lives while serving). The Arlington Community Foundation has agreed to administer the fund (if approved), relieving the Federation of substantial paperwork and making the fund a charitable contribution (for tax purposes). That will also permit donation designations via the United Way and CFC payroll plans. Public safety supervisors and union leaders have uniformly praised the idea, expressing their appreciation for such recognition. A number of member Civic Associations and Organizations have already pledged to support the fund, if passed. Federation President Jim Pebley and Finance Committee members Kim Smith, Tim Wise, Tim Reese and Pat Smaldore can be contacted for more information about this fund. The proposed resolution can be viewed at the Federation�s Website at �www.civfed.org�.

[ed. note � This fund is a great idea � something extra that we can do � but let�s not forget to continue to support the other funds and charities that continue to count on us � let�s not make them causalities of 9/11, too! � j.p.]

A Note From Your President

Life has slowly moved on from the disaster that struck us in September. While many things have changed in our world, we have resumed many of our routines and endeavor to make things normal once again despite the threat of future acts of terror. As a baby boomer, I am reminded of growing up under the threat of nuclear war. We feared it. We drilled for it in school. Fleets of armed bombers flew alert missions around the clock. And yet, we lived with it � we bought cars, we built homes and we planned for the future. Ours is a culture borne of freedom and liberty that is both resilient and enduring.

On October 25th, I met with our County Board Chairman, Jay Fisette to deliver the resolutions passed at October�s meeting and to talk about other concerns. While the half hour meeting was cut short, I focused on the following issues:

  • Infill Resolution � I noted the membership wants to see more information on impacts of proposed zoning ordinance changes on existing homeowners. Fire Department Resolutions � Despite the current political rhetoric, I reported that the membership is very much united behind the County resolving the staffing and inspection problems.
  • Resumption of Airport Operations � While the Federation is encouraged to see the economic hardships of the closure lessened, our members continue to be concerned about arrival and departure routes over the County and the impact on safety, noise and quality of life. Mr. Fisette invited the Federation to speak to Board Member Barbara Favola, who represents the County on the airport noise abatement committee of the Council of Governments.
  • I-66 Widening Proposals � I reiterated the Federation�s concerns, expressed in earlier resolutions, about the need to develop comprehensive solutions as opposed to simply adding lanes to I-66 inside the beltway.
  • Metro Rail Expansion � In view of the Washington Post�s recent article about the addition of an additional Metrorail line though Arlington north of the existing line, I noted that there appeared to be a new station added and asked if tunneling under residential areas was being considered. Mr. Fisette replied that the plans under consideration would put the line in the I-66 right of way and not under homes. I expressed the need to get inputs from affected neighborhoods early on in the planning process. He suggested talking to the Board�s representative on the Metro Board, Mr. Zimmerman. The Federation will be following up on this issue in November.

One Final Announcement � I received a note from our friends at Fort Myer inviting Arlingtonians to the 2001 U.S. Army Soldier Show Finale on Monday, 19 November at 7:30 in Conmy Hall on base. The public is invited and you can still get on base (with minor delays at the gates) to see the show. We�ll run the whole public service announcement on our website, www.civfed.org�

See you, Tuesday November 13th � Jim Pebley

The legislative package follows!

Proposed ACCF 2001 Legislative Package

As reported by the Legislation Committee

Civic Federation Principles

Because Arlington�s population is changing rapidly, the Civic Federation adopts the following principles in order to maintain our quality of life, enhance the desirability of our community as a place to live and work, and meet future human and infrastructure needs:
  • We oppose any efforts to change formulas for state funding that would result in decreases in funding for Arlington County government and public schools
  • We urge the General Assembly to revise the state transportation funding formula to increase funding for growth areas such as Northern Virginia
  • We strongly support increased funding for schools, mass transit, and highways

1. Administration of Government, Generally

A. Requirement of State-Owned Industrial Facilities to Develop Environmental Management Plans. Supports legislation to develop and implement pollution-prevention plans and to establish a state office to coordinate and provide technical assistance.

B. Initiative and Referendum. Requests the Governor of Virginia to appoint a bipartisan study commission to examine and weigh the potential assets and liabilities of Initiative and Referendum in Virginia.

2. Arlington County

Rename N. Herndon Street. Urges the Arlington County Board to rename N. Herndon Street to N. Hunter Street in honor of former County Board member James B. Hunter.

3. Authorities

Baseball Stadium Authority. Urges repeal of the Virginia Stadium Authority, Virginia Code section 15.1.227-71 and opposes use of public funds for professional sports facilities in Virginia. Supports return of professional baseball to the Nation�s Capital.

4. Aviation

National Airport. Deplores recent changes at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport that have extended the perimeter for departing flights and have increased the number of slots available. We strongly support the designation of Reagan National as a short-range airport and a return to the 1250-mile perimeter rule.

5. Conservation (environment)

Importation of Trash. Strongly urges the Governor, our congressional delegation, and the General Assembly to continue to pursue all available avenues to prevent additional importation of trash into Virginia

6. Crimes and Offenses Generally

A. Sodomy Laws. Supports repeal of the sodomy law as it applies to consenting adults.

B. Sexual Orientation. Supports the addition of sexual orientation to the coverage of antidiscrimination and Hate Crimes laws.

C. Aggressive Panhandling. Requests the legislature to authorize the Arlington County Board to adopt an ordinance to make it unlawful for any person to panhandle in an aggressive manner, to panhandle within fifteen feet of an automatic teller machine, or to panhandle from any operator of a motor vehicle while standing in a roadway median or on a travel lane.

D. Handicapped Parking. Supports legislation to raise the reduced mail-in fine for parking in a handicapped space from approximately $100.00 to $300.00 (the current fine is $500 should you go to court).

E. Volunteer Enforcement of Handicapped Parking. Urges the Arlington County Board initiate training and deployment of volunteers to enforce handicapped parking violations in accordance with Section 46.2-1244 of the Code of Virginia.

F. Red Light Cameras. Supports requiring the owner of a vehicle captured on film running a red light to be responsible for payment of the fine whether the owner or another person was driving. A defense for this crime could be providing proof that the vehicle was stolen.

7. Criminal Procedure

21-Day Rule. Urges extension of the period for consideration of potentially exculpatory evidence in capital cases from 21 days to 3 years.

8. Dangerous Weapons

Gun Control. Strongly supports requiring mandatory instant background checks on purchasers of all firearms at all gun shows and allowing up to seventy-two hours to complete the check if the instant check is inconclusive.

9. Discrimination and Housing

Employment and Housing. Urges prohibition of discrimination in employment and housing on the basis of sexual orientation.

10. Domestic Relations

Same-sex Marriage. Supports repeal of �20.45.5 that states, �A marriage between persons of the same sex is prohibited. Any marriage entered into by persons of the same sex in another state or jurisdiction shall be void in all respects in Virginia and any contractual rights created by such marriage shall be void and unenforceable.�

11. Energy Conservation and Resources

Recycling. Urges the General Assembly to increase recycling goals from 25 to 35 percent by the year 2005 and to establish an official definition of recyclable materials.

12. Education

Standards of Learning (SOL). Urges a study by an accredited independent organization to determine if SOLs can be made a more effective measurement of student achievement.

13. Housing

Home Ownership Incentives. Urges Arlington County to develop incentives under 2000 General Assembly SB 87 to encourage law enforcement officers and deputy sheriffs to become homeowners and residents in Neighborhood Strategy Areas in Arlington

14. Insurance

A. Insurance Rates. Supports a law to prohibit insurance companies from raising rates when the insured motorists in accidents are found to be not "at fault."

15. Property and Conveyances

Retention of Local Zoning Authority. Supports legislation to prohibit Commonwealth agencies from overriding local jurisdictional use plans and zoning decisions and ordinances.

16. Public Health

Ban on Smoking in Restaurants. Urges legislation extending to Arlington County the authority to ban smoking on the premises of any restaurant or other establishment in which prepared food is served for consumption on the premises. Furthermore, when such enabling legislation has been enacted, the Civic Federation urges immediate imposition of the aforementioned restriction by Arlington County.

17. State Corporation Commission

State Corporation Commission. Supports increasing the SCC�s membership from three to five and encourages General Assembly members to ensure that confirmation of candidates includes full disclosure review of their qualifications and records with regard to consumer issues.

18. Taxation

A. Consumer Use Tax. Supports repeal of the Consumer Use Tax.

B. Economic (Fair-Market) Rent. Recommends establishment of statewide, economic (fair-market) rent, not contract rent, as the basis for assessments of commercial property.

C. Cigarette Tax. Supports authorizing Arlington County to increase the cigarette tax in a manner similar to that of cities.

D. Local Income Tax. Opposes legislation that would allow a local income tax.

19. Transportation and Highway Safety

A. Truck Safety. Supports measures to increase the number of officers and to strengthen penalties for violators in order to improve safety of truck operations on Virginia highways. Demands stronger enforcement of speed limits, and urges tougher requirements for commercial drivers� licenses.

B. Interstate 66. Opposes changes to I 66 inside the capital beltway unless such changes are part of a comprehensive regional transportation plan and are made with community consensus.

C. Radar-triggered Cameras. Supports enabling legislation to allow Arlington County to institute a pilot program to enforce speed limits on state and county-managed roadways through fixed radar-triggered cameras.

20. United States Government

Professional Sports Facilities. Supports an end to Federal tax subsidy for professional sports facilities.

21. Water and Sewer Systems

A. Water Quality Measurements. Urges DEQ to develop and standardize methods for the measurement of contaminants in storm waters and waters that feed the Chesapeake Bay.

B. Nutrient Reduction. Encourages the Commonwealth to consider methods in addition to point source control to achieve identified nutrient reduction goals.

C. Integrity of Public Water System. Supports a JLARC review of the integrity of the state�s public drinking water supply system to identify problems and determine appropriate penalties for lack of compliance.


The members of the Legislation Committee present and voting agreed unanimously that all items that appeared in last year�s package that received majority support from the Committee would appear in this year�s package. The new items in the body of the package were approved unanimously by the members of the Legislation Committee present and voting. The provisions in the addendum received majority, but not unanimous approval, and will be voted on separately by the delegates at the November meeting.

Criminal Procedure

Death-Penalty Moratorium. Urges legislation that will impose a moratorium on executions until policies that minimize the risk that innocent persons will be executed and that will ensure that death-penalty cases are administered fairly and impartially by: a) removing the 21-day rule on introduction of new evidence in death-penalty cases

b) ensuring competent legal representation for low-income defendants

c) exempting mentally incompetent persons (mentally retarded or seriously mentally ill)

d) exempting offenders who were under 18 years of age at the time of the crime

e) ensuring that racial discrimination is not a factor in application of the death penalty

Truck and Highway Safety

Funding Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Projects. Urges the State Legislature to direct the Secretary of Transportation to revise facility construction guidelines of the Commonwealth Transportation Board and safety funding guidelines of the Virginia Department of Transportation to ensure appropriate consideration of pedestrian and bicycle safety projects.

ACCF Officers

    President Jim Pebley 703-525-0766 jim+

    Vice President Dan Krasnegor 703-534-4024 dan+

    Treasurer Frances Finta 703-528-2882 (no email)

    Secretary Tim Wise 703-243-8345 tim+

Executive Committee

    Chairman - Dan Krasnegor 703-534-4024 - dan+

    Member - Robert Atkins 703-527-8859 - (voice or fax) - (no email)

    Member - Mileva Hartman 703-841-9287 - mileva+

    Member - Roger Meyer 703-671-3655 roger+

    Member - Patrick Smaldore 703-528-3935 - patrick+

    Member - Kim Smith - kim+

ACCF Committee Chairs

Recipients of this newsletter are encouraged to forward to all and any interested parties

Copies of the Newsletter are available for Download from the Civic Federation website. (That is a paper version statement: this page is the Web version.) the Civic Voice is also distributed by email.

The paper version of the Civic Voice uses a freshly updated design introduced in 2001 by Cheryl Whitehead, who can be reached through email to cwhite229@erols.com. This Web version using the same text but posted within the style confines of our Web page design, is put up by Randy Swart. If you have comments or complaints about either version, please contact the editor, Jim Pebley

This page was last revised on: December 28, 2003.
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