Meeting Archive FY2014

[Sept 2013-Jun 2014]


3 Jun 2014

Envision Courthouse – Hon. Walter Tejada

Elections – Executive Committee 2014- 2015

President – Mike McMenamin
Vice President – Stefanie Pryor
Treasurer – Peter Olivere
Secretary – Randy Swart
Executive Committee – Terri Prell
Executive Committee – Kim Klingler
Executive Committee – Larry Mayer
Executive Committee – Suzanne Sundburg
Executive Committee – Jesse Boeding

Recycling Program – Erik Grabowsky, AC Solid Waste Bureau Chief

AC Solid Waste Bureau Chief – Presentation

Recycling Resolution, Revenue and Expenditure Committee:

The Revenues and Expenditures Committee presented a resolution opposing the new recycling program.
It was replaced with an Environmental Affairs committee resolution approving the program and asking for
a one year review. Passed 27 to 18 with 8 abstentions

Recycling Resolution – Substitute Resolution

ACCF-R&E-SS Draft-Solid Waste Collection Program

Long Bridge Park Resolution, Parks and Recreation Committee: Passed 45 to 9 with 3 abstentions

Long Bridge Park Resolution

New Business:

• The Parks and Recreation Committee presented a draft resolution recommending that the County
not site school, housing or other facilities in parks. It was referred to the Parks & Recreation,
Zoning & Land Use, Housing, Environmental Affairs and Schools committees for study. A motion to
suspend rules and take it up immediately failed by a vote of 13 to 28 with 9 abstentions.
• Kathryn Scruggs introduced a resolution to amend the Bylaws to provide that any member may
vote on behalf of each organization for which the member is listed as a delegate or alternate
(more than one vote). It was referred to the Bylaws Committee.

6 May 2014


1. Lubber Run Community Center Site Redevelopment

2. Expanded Recycling Program

Resolution by Environmental Affairs Committee

Revenue & Expenditure Committee Inspector General report

Revenue & Expenditure Resolution: New Solid Waste Collection Program:

Copied below is the resolution that was considered at the May membership meeting:

Whereas, the FY2015 budget for solid waste collection proposes a new fee for collection of organic waste;
Whereas, adding the new fee would raise costs to residents to $307.04 per household per year, and approximately $1 million in the aggregate;
Whereas, Arlington County residents have already achieved a recycling level of 52%, exceeding both Virginia requirements and the Northern Virginia recycling rate;
Whereas the proposed new organic waste collection would minimally improve recycling levels while discouraging composting and leaving lawn clippings on the lawn;
Whereas, Arlington County already conducts three separate waste collections;
Whereas, the proposed new collection requires further separation of waste materials, plus use of a new collection container;
Therefore, be it resolved that:
1) The County drop implementation of the proposed new collection, or
2) The County should offer the program as a voluntary ‘opt-in’ program without penalty for those who choose to not participate.

Long Bridge Park resolution

State Legislative Delegation


Arlington County Internal Controls

4 Apr 2014

Civic Federation Banquet


1 Apr 2014

Budget; Residential Zoning; Election of Nominating Committee

Resolution Passed – Resolution to Cut the Real Estate Tax Rate


R&E Report on Tim Wise, ACTA, Resolution

Attachment # 1 – Avg Real Estate Tax Increases

4 Mar 2014

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ACCF Candidates Forum Video

ACCF School Board Presentation

On-Line Survey

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