Housing Committee


It shall be the duty of this committee to study and report on matters, relating to housing in Arlington and, as considered appropriate, in surrounding jurisdictions. These matters will include development and enforcement of standards, codes, and legislation; housing needs, construction, operation, maintenance, financing, rehabilitation and regulation of single and multi-family structures; public housing; subsidies and other incentives; and developments affecting the adequacy of public services in residential neighborhoods. The committee shall serve as liaison for the Federation with appropriate county officials and organizations in Arlington, and other organizations in its environs. Because housing policy is closely tied with Planning and Zoning, it is expected to work closely with that committee.


Anne Bodine and Matthew Hall • email Anne and Matthew

Upcoming Meetings

The ACCF Housing Committee meets virtually through Zoom on the third Thursday of the month starting at 6:30 pm.

  • Thu 18 Jul 2024
  • Thu 15 Aug 2024

Past Meetings and Presentations

  • Thu 15 Febr 2024
    • Courtney Battle, Executive Director of the Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers (HAND) with an overview of housing challenges, and affordable housing successes, throughout the DMV region.
    • VIDEO [55m 59s]


Annual Reports